Ride Stops

Greg and Renate will be stopping at the following locations.

  • Providence RI — -06/13/11
  • New London CT — 06/14/11
  • Great Neck NY — 06/15/11
  • Berlin NJ — 06/16/11
  • Cape May NJ — 06/17/11
  • Stevensville MD — 06/18/11
  • Morgantown MD — 06/19/11
  • Richmond VA — 06/20/11
  • Appomattox VA — 06/21/11
  • Mayodan NC — 06/22/11
  • Hickory NC — 06/23/11
  • Asheville NC — 06/24/11
  • Bryson City NC — 06/26/11
  • Pigeon Forge TN — 06/27/11
  • Crossville TN — 06/28/11
  • Manchester TN — 06/29/11
  • Lawrenceburg TN — 06/30/11
  • Collierville TN — 07/01/11
  • West Helena AR — 07/02/11
  • Pine Bluff AR — 07/03/11
  • Camden AR — 07/04/11
  • Texarkana TX — 07/05/11
  • Mt Pleasant TX — 07/06/11
  • Canton TX — 07/07/11
  • Dallas TX — 07/08/11

Along the route, Dean Greg Crawford and his wife Renate will be meeting with NPC researchers and family members of children with NPC. 

6 Comments so far

  1.    Tracy Lindsey on June 14th, 2011

    My name is Tracy Lindsey and i have a daughter named Triatsn who is 9 yr old and has NPC. I live in Texas and close to where you will be making stops. I live about an hour away from Canton, Tx and about an hour from Mt Pleasant, Tx. I would love to meet you guys, and see about getting some news coverage about your ride. It would help get news coverage about the terrable disease also. Please let me know if this would be a possibility.
    Tracy Lindsey

  2.    Dean Greg Crawford on June 15th, 2011

    Hi Tracy,
    Renate and I would love to meet with you. Sean will be in touch with you to schedule this.
    Thanks for all of your support.

  3.    Holly Roberts on June 20th, 2011

    Greg and Renate Crawford….They are absolutely amazing human beings.

    I had the pleasure of meeting Greg and Renate
    in Providence last Monday after they completed their 1st segment of their 2200 mile road to discovery trip.
    Greg and Renate…a big hug and a huge thank you for what you are doing.You are both incredible people.
    My husband and I have a saying that we have used for many years….”do your best and God will do the rest”.
    You have many, many NPC Angels watching over you and making sure that the wind is at your back.

    Holly Roberts

  4.    David Metz on June 27th, 2011

    Greg & Renate:

    Welcome to Tennessee!!

    My son, Brian, is a rising junior at ND and there are many current Domers who call Knoxville (and environs) home. Harrison Smith (#22) is just one of them! In fact, there were three current Domers over at the house on Saturday for dinner – and your route through our area was the subject of some discussion.

    I’m wondering what roads you’ll be following from Pigeon Forge to Crossville tomorrow. Would love to come out and cheer you on!

    In fact, Brian is teaching the cycling merit badge at Boy Scout Camp Buck Toms this summer. It’s located about 10 miles south of Rockwood. He said it would be pretty cool if your route was anywhere near where he was as he could cycle a few miles with you.

    Anyway, best of luck this year with your ride. I followed your success last year after making a donation in your honor. Plan to do the same today.