Day 29: South Lake Tahoe to Sacramento, CA

Today was an incredible day of riding. I had several riders join me today—Bruce from Development, as well as Tom and Scott, both Notre Dame Law alumni.

Well, the way out of Tahoe is up, up and up.  We climbed and climbed to the summit of Echo. At the top was a spectacular view where we could look back and see Lake Tahoe.


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Day 10: Notre Dame, IN to Chicago, IL

The day started off bright and early with an interview at WNDU, and then we left from their parking lot.  The ride from Notre Dame to Chicago was cold and damp, with the wind sometimes with us and sometimes against us. We were hugging the lake for a bit, and the clouds and wind created an eerie beauty over the water.

Dave, Jeff, & Sean

Dave, Jeff, Greg & Sean

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Day 13: Davenport, IA to Iowa City, IA

The wind was already pretty strong when we left Davenport this morning on some very smooth and beautiful bike trails. About 10 miles out, we committed ourselves to a route where the map indicated a few rocky and dirt roads. We figured  the rocks and dirt would be minimal. They weren’t. We found ourselves stuck out in the middle of nowhere on roads that were not made for road bikes. And the crosswind had gotten stronger. And it started to rain. The combination of road and weather made for a difficult biking day.

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