Day 29: South Lake Tahoe to Sacramento, CA

Today was an incredible day of riding. I had several riders join me today—Bruce from Development, as well as Tom and Scott, both Notre Dame Law alumni.

Well, the way out of Tahoe is up, up and up.  We climbed and climbed to the summit of Echo. At the top was a spectacular view where we could look back and see Lake Tahoe.


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Day 2: Poughkeepsie, NY to Princeton, NJ

Today the ride from Poughkeepsie, NY to Princeton, NJ was pretty uneventful.  The roads were a little bumpy, perhaps very bumpy at times, in New Jersey.  We finished our ride at Amicus Therapeutics in New Jersey, a biopharmaceutical companies that specializes in rare diseases and a sponsor of this year’s ride.


John Crowley, a 1998 Notre Dame Law School alumnus, is President and CEO of Amicus and gathered than fifty employees from the company to meet us for lunch and learn more about Notre Dame’s research in rare diseases.  Also joining us for lunch were six Notre Dame interns from the College of Science and Mendoza College of Business. We have such terrific students at Notre Dame and it makes me so proud to see them working at great companies like Amicus. Read more »