Day 31: Milpitas to Pebble Beach, CA

Well, I made it! 3,500-plus miles from Long Island, New York, to Pebble Beach, California. What an amazing trip! Bruce from Development and Tom, an Notre Dame alumnus, rode with me again today. It was a pretty hilly ending when we rolled into Pebble Beach on 17-mile drive. The Monterrey landscape is beautiful, with rolling sand dunes just about everywhere. We had a big dinner event on the pier at Pebble Beach with all of the golfers and guests last night. It is the largest turnout ever, since the Pebble Beach fundraiser began four years ago. Mike and Cindy Parseghian dunked the front bike tire in the Pacific with me at the evening event, signifying the end of my ride. It is going to be an incredible weekend.IMG_3530 Read more »

Day 4: Yuma to Gila Bend, Ariz.

Hot and hotter.

Last year, riding from Boston to Pebble Beach, the wind seemed to be in our face day after day. This year, going with the jet stream, the wind is generally favorable – but the heat has been unbelievable. Today when we wrapped up the ride at 10:30 a.m., it was 116.4 degrees – and the temperature rose all of a sudden. We have really adjusted our schedule to be done around 10 a.m., by rolling out of the hotel at 4 a.m. to avoid the most dangerous heat later. Read more »

Day 1: Long Beach to La Jolla, Calif.

Cindy, Amy, Amanda, GregMy new friend Amanda came down to see me off from the water. I met her with her mom Amy at the Pebble Beach dinner. Amanda, who is 21, was diagnosed with NPC two years ago.  Thank you, Amanda and Amy, for coming so far down the coast to see me start my ride at the Pacific.  Amanda gave me a bracelet from her horse “Clu” to keep me safe on my ride, and I gave her one of my ride jackets (too big to fit perfectly, but fine for such a big Irish fan).  I proudly wear the bracelet on my wrist with all of the other wristbands from NPC children – I promised all of them that I would not take them off until we had a cure. Read more »

Closing Dinner at the Parseghian Classic

Amy GrantIt was a Notre Dame moment like no other.  This is why we call ourselves the Notre Dame family:  We pull together.  After a wonderful two days of golfing, camaraderie, and building lifelong memories, the closing dinner on Sunday at the Beach Club at Pebble Beach gave us an incredible moment – a Notre Dame moment that none of us present will ever forget. Read more »

Parseghian Classic

Parseghian ClssicGolfing was terrific – there is no place like Pebble Beach for golfers. It is the most pristine course and among the top ranked courses in the county.  The first day we played at Spanish Bay, and the second day was the famous Pebble Beach course.   I am sure it was a time to remember for all – the course, the friendships, the fun, etc.  We had some great memories on the course as well. Read more »

Parseghian Classic

Greg with Cindy and Mike Parseghian

The Parseghian Golf Classic was a fantastic event.  Held at Pebble Beach for the first time, forty golfers, plus spouses and guests, enjoyed the spectacular beauty of Pebble Beach, 17-Mile Drive, and the  picturesque surroundings – all for a great cause.  On Friday night, we started off with the tire dip.

As I pulled in on my bike to wrap up the 3,300 mile ride, it was so nice to see everyone waiting for me by the water. Read more »

Day 33: Livermore, CA to Pebble Beach, CA

The final day of the ride was uneventful, but beautiful. There were two very big climbs to get over to San Jose from Livermore, then one more climb to get to Monterey.  The ride was so pretty that it was hard to think about how tired my legs have been.  Along the way today we saw deer, wild turkeys, and other wildlife.  I could not have asked for better weather or more beautiful nature. Read more »

Day 28: West Wendover, NV to Ely, NV

Today’s ride was long – about 120 miles – which would have been challenge enough, but on top of it we had headwinds that averaged 20 mph with gusts exceeding 30 mph. That’s hard for biking.

On the positive side, we got to set our watches back an hour. We’re now in the Pacific Time Zone, which makes it feel like we’re all that much closer to Pebble Beach. When we were riding in to Ely, which is mostly a casino town, we could see a large forest fire in the mountains to our left.

Tomorrow’s forecast looks like more of the same, hot and windy. Today was pretty uneventful, but that’s OK – yesterday was such a packed set of experiences that it felt like several days’ worth.

Day 24: Craig, CO to Rangeley, CO

Today was a wonderful ride, marked by contrast. We started in Craig, where there is still a lot of green, and ended in Rangeley, which is a beautiful desert. I just love the desert landscape. We saw some pronghorns that live out here. We could see them off in the distance moving around, but they never got too close to us.


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Day 23: Granby, CO to Craig, CO

We left Granby  at 6:00 this morning and the temperature was 36 degrees. I was wearing so many different layers that it was hard to ride.  I am not fond of cold weather and 36 degrees on a bike feels really cold. Despite the low temperature and the high altitude, this was the task for today.

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