Day 27: Ely to Fallon, NV

Today was a long and pleasant day on the road.  We were on Highway 50 the entire day, known as the loneliest highway in the country.  There were a few climbs and many down hills today.  The temperature was just right.  It was a day that was needed after the challenge of the day before.  When you looked ahead, all you could see was the long Nevada road tens of miles ahead—some stretches felt like I would never get there.  Although it was long; overall, the day was very good.

When we arrived at the hotel parking lot, I met a Notre Dame 2009 graduate and Naval Academy graduate. They are both officers on active duty and came over to ask about what we were doing.

Day 27

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Day 8: Eagar, Ariz., to Socorro, N.M.

Today’s ride was nearly perfect. There were far fewer climbs, and although it was a long day, it was relatively straight forward. An unexpected beauty was the lava fields of El Malpais National Monument. The name is Spanish for “Badlands” because it is so desolate, but the landscape of lava flows, cinder cones, arches and caves from ancient volcanoes is breathtaking. It was a spectacular sight as we drove into Albuquerque today for the Fourth of July. Read more »

Day 7: Globe to Eagar, Ariz.


Today’s ride was all uphill – around every curve there was a new uphill challenge. The scenery of the Salt River Canyon was unbelievable. It is by far the most beautiful place I have ever cycled through. The winding canyon is 2,000 feet deep, the river flows rapidly, and the landscape is filled with deep valleys, sheer cliffs and rocky spires. Ancient people left carvings in the stones, called petroglyphs, and Apache warriors took shelter in this rugged terrain when they were chased by U.S. Cavalry in the 19th century. I can understand why they would feel safe in this gorgeous land so difficult to traverse. Read more »

Junior Parents Weekend

Students and their parents attend JPW Mass

Students and their parents attend JPW Mass

Last Saturday, our juniors and their parents braved the cold weather and came to the Jordan Hall of Science for our JPW Collegiate Workshop. All of the seats in room 101 quickly disappeared and the lecture hall became standing room only. It was great to see the room filled with over 400 students and parents and I really enjoyed sharing all of the wonderful things we are doing in the College and was excited to talk about our vision for the future. Read more »

Training with the Midshipman at Notre Dame

It’s worth having to workout when you get to do it with the wonderful Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps here at the University of Notre Dame. Today I had the honor of running and working out with some of them – about 35 Navy and Marine Corps midshipmen and unit staff – in the Medal of Honor Run.   Captain Earl Carter, the Commanding Officer of the NROTC, was leading the group, along with Major Jackie Schiller, the Marine Officer Instructor (MOI);  Gunnery Sergeant Blake Kennington, the Assistant Marine Officer Instructor; and Sergeant Ben Leichty, the sole member of the Marine Corps Enlisted Commissioning Education Program (MECEP) assigned to Notre Dame.

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