Day 27: Ely to Fallon, NV

Today was a long and pleasant day on the road.  We were on Highway 50 the entire day, known as the loneliest highway in the country.  There were a few climbs and many down hills today.  The temperature was just right.  It was a day that was needed after the challenge of the day before.  When you looked ahead, all you could see was the long Nevada road tens of miles ahead—some stretches felt like I would never get there.  Although it was long; overall, the day was very good.

When we arrived at the hotel parking lot, I met a Notre Dame 2009 graduate and Naval Academy graduate. They are both officers on active duty and came over to ask about what we were doing.

Day 27

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Day 22: Granby to Craig, CO

Today started out very cold for biking; it was just over 40 degrees when we left.  I must say that the ride from Granby to Craig was the most beautiful stretch of the trip so far. There was hardly any other traffic on the Road to Discovery, but every direction presented sheer cliffs, sagebrush, and the white rapids of the Colorado River. Most of the mountains still have snow on them.

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Day 21: Denver to Granby, CO

The day started off wonderful with an interview with KUSA/NBC and a visit to Marley Coffee in Denver.  Marley has been such a great supporter of our cause.  The company’s headquarters in Denver is the coolest headquarters ever. I was even asked to ride my bike through it.  It was great to meet the wonderful Marley employees. Thanks for all of your support.

Interview with Gary Shapiro at KUSA in Denver

Interview with Gary Shapiro at KUSA in Denver


Today’s journey was perhaps the roughest I have experienced in all five rides. It started off so well.  Jim, a recent Notre Dame graduate and captain of the Notre Dame Cycling Team last year, joined us for the first part of the ride to Estes Park. On the way, we climbed to 8,000 feet and then descended to about 7,000 feet.

Jim and Greg

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Day 19: McCook, NE to Yuma, CO

Beautiful sunrise in Nebraska

Beautiful sunrise in Nebraska

Today’s ride from McCook, Nebraska to Yuma, Colorado was a really nice ride.  The terrain was sharper with bigger hills and valleys, and a plush green landscape with lots of cattle as far as the eye could see.  With it being Sunday, it was a lonely road and we did not see too many people or cars, but the vast and lively landscape kept me engaged.  Not sure why, be we saw lots of turtles crossing the road today. As we approached Hagler, Nebraska, there was a sign that said Kansas one-half mile south.  Since I have not been to Kansas on any of my previous bike rides, we took a little detour.

Welcome to Kansas!

The Road to Discovery stops in Kansas for the first time.

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Day 18: Kearney to McCook, NE

The ride today was really beautiful—from the farms lands of Nebraska in and around Kearny to the western side of Nebraska where the landscape is rolling with cattle over scattered over the rolling acres of land. It was partly cloudy and the temperature was just right. We had to fight a headwind most of the way. You probably getting tired of reading that this was uneventful day, but it was.

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Day 17: York to Kearney, NE

Today was a very uneventful biking  day. There was a bit of a headwind and it was a cloudy day—the temperature never reached 70 degrees.

I had to burn a lot of calories from my big steak dinner from the night before with  Jim and Chances. At the end of the bike ride, I had an interview with Nebraska TV.

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Day 16: Omaha to York, NE

Oh boy, today was really wet. The storms were so heavy at times that we had to stop for a bit until they passed. We’d get back on the road, but then another wave would come. There was so much rain so fast that it left ponds on many of the Nebraska cornfields. They weren’t really thunderstorms—not much thunder and lightning—but the water came in torrents, and the sky stayed dark and ominous.

Stormy sky enroute to York

Stormy sky on the road to York

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Day 10: Notre Dame, IN to Chicago, IL

The day started off bright and early with an interview at WNDU, and then we left from their parking lot.  The ride from Notre Dame to Chicago was cold and damp, with the wind sometimes with us and sometimes against us. We were hugging the lake for a bit, and the clouds and wind created an eerie beauty over the water.

Dave, Jeff, & Sean

Dave, Jeff, Greg & Sean

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Day 5: Philadelphia to Harrisburg, PA

We were very sorry to hear today that our wonderful colleague Bob Sedlack, professor of visual communication at Notre Dame, passed away after his courageous fight against ALS. In addition to being a highly honored and respected teacher, he was a great example who used his gifts to serve others, including  many underserved people in the South Bend community and around the world. Our thoughts and  prayers are with his wife, Theresa, and their children, Emma and Trey.

Robert Sedlack and his design students traveled to Pretoria, South Africa to work  on design projects aimed at addressing several issues affecting South Africa and Johannesburg.

Robert Sedlack and his design students traveled to Pretoria, South Africa to work on design projects aimed at addressing several issues affecting South Africa and Johannesburg.

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Day 3: Princeton, NJ to Philadelphia, PA

We had a great ride from Princeton to Philly. Andre, an alumnus, brought two friends to make the trip with us. The combination of great weather, great camaraderie, and spectacular scenery made it a wonderful day. Once we crossed the river into Pennsylvania, the hills started to roll higher, a challenge we knew would come in this state.

Day 3: Philly

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