HW 2 – Due Friday, 9/1/17

Review the following three Wikipedia articles:

If not registered with Wikipedia, register an account for yourself.

For each article, suggest an edit or addition that would improve the quality, clarity, completeness, or accuracy of the article. The improvement for each article should be “coded” using Wikipedia’s markup language.

Do not save your changes to Wikipedia! You can use “Show preview” to see the effect or your edit, but after using the editor to “create and copy” your edit for each article, select “Cancel“.

Mail homework to gmadey@nd.edu and qzhi@nd.edu by end of Friday, with Subject line: CSE 40613 – your NetID – HW2

Mail should include for each of the three article improvements:

  1. The full page & anchor link to the section you are editing.
  2. Your suggested edit in Wikipedia markup; Italicize your edits.



[[Image:Kogge-stone-sparsity-4.png|600px|Kogge–Stone Adder of sparsity-4. Example of a Kogge–Stone adder with sparsity-4. Elements eliminated by sparsity shown marked with transparency. Author-Tofergregg]]

Reference: How to edit