HW 3 – Due Sept 8

  • Review tutorials on HTML, CSS & Javascript at:
  • Create a “club” web-site consisting of a “Home” page and a few (3 or more) additional pages to link to, e.g., an “About” page, a “Members” page, an “Activities” page, etc.
  • All pages should have tabs at the top that link to the other pages.
    • Use bootstrap for implementing homepage navigation
  • The Home page should have 5 buttons (see below)
    • Javascript – buttons:
      • 5 buttons total, implementing 5 functions. Functions should be named ‘buttonX’, for example, ‘button1’.:Insert a tag ‘<div id=”canvas”></div>’ in the home page.Button 1. Adds your name in the div, changes the background and text color to any color of your choosing.
        Button 2. Replaces the text in ‘canvas’ to the date today.
        Button 3. Shows an alert box with your favorite class name.
        Button 4. Replaces the text in ‘canvas’ with with the width and height of your screen.
        Button 5. Displays a prompt and asks the user ‘Do you want to go to my home page?’. If they say yes, redirect them to your ‘WordPress’ site in a new window/tab.
  • Upload to Sakai a zip file with all your files contained in a folder named CSE40613-netID-HW3
    • CSE40613-netID-HW3
      • Zip file:  CSE40613-netID-HW3.zip
      • Folder with all your files that you zipped named: CSE40613-netID-HW3
  • Homework worth 10 points
    • Late homework: see syllabus
    • Exceptional submissions may get extra credit!