American Latino Experience Building Curatorial Excellence Pre-Doctoral Fellowships

American Latino Experience Building Curatorial Excellence Pre-Doctoral Fellowships

Armed Forces History

The Division of Armed Forces History is currently accepting applications for a one year Pre-Doctoral fellowship of $37,700 total (includes $5000 from Museum for travel and expenses) that would offer an opportunity for a fellow to conduct independent research or study focused on the experiences of Latino Americans relating to the United States military. This includes the history of Latino participation in the military, its link to citizenship, and the impact of military service on Latinos, their families, and their communities. The Fellow will have an opportunity to receive training in interpreting the existing collections through documenting American Latino stories in the collection and learning how to build new collections in the Armed Forces Division. Just as critically the Fellow will gain personal skills in collections curation, preservation, and exhibition production.

As part of this project, the Fellow will also have an opportunity to conduct independent research on a project of his or her own choosing, which relates to the history of Latino military history. A possible topic, for example, might entail the exploration of the 65th Infantry Division “Borinqueneers” history particularly during the Korean War (recent recipients of the Congressional Gold Medal, which is in our collections).Over the course of a year, the Fellow may learn about pinpointing potential objects for collection and documenting this story; this may entail collecting and researching objects, and also conducting oral histories.

Photograph of members of the 65th Infantry Regiment during the Korean War.
Members of the 65th Infantry Regiment pose for a photo after a firefight during the Korean War. The regiment consisted primarily of Puerto Rican soldiers who spoke mainly Spanish and prided themselves on having mustaches. By 1953, the regiment’s soldiers had earned 14 Silver Stars, 23 Bronze Stars for valor and 67 Purple Hearts. 

Author: Leslie L Morgan

Leslie serves as the Africana Studies and Education Librarian within the Hesburgh Libraries.