Learning Opportunity: Hesburgh Libraries-Rare Books and Special Collections

The Rare Books/Special Collections(RBSC) within the Hesburgh Library gave my Librarian colleagues and I an overview of what is available for students and faculty in this area.  I want to encourage all of my Africana Studies Faculty to consider bringing their students over for a session on doing research using their resources.
The last couple of years, Dr. Julie and Colleagues have made tremendous strides in engaging undergraduates in all fields of study to engage our RBSC you consider the value of using such resources for information and research. She mentioned that last academic year, she did presentations for a couple of Moreau courses, and a number of undergraduate courses in the College of Arts & Letters.
Some possibilities for Africana Studies Courses this Academic year (2017-2018):
  • History of the Book (We have rare books from literally the beginning of time to present)
  • Our extensive Sports Collections that include information of African Americans Men & Women in Sports (We have a Baseball Uniform from the Negroe Leagues)
  • Re: Theology: We have an original Coptic Bible; historical artifacts of the Catholic Church..i.e. Huge collection Catholic Pamphlets that are searchable via our library catalog.
  • The Dante Collection (Manuscripts) as well as post-war artist’s interpretations of his written works
  • They have various types of Broadsides of American History; I was able to put my hands on a beautiful broadside that announced the Emanicipation Proclamation to end American Slavery during President Lincoln’s Presidency.
  • Julie mentioned that there is a map of the Continent of Africa available; the Map Collections are extraordinary tools for students to consider research topical ideas. One such map she let us put our hands on is a map of the United States to which they had California as physically separate from the rest of the U.S.
Additionally, RBSC can purchase some rare finds regarding Africana Studies courses and research interests of faculty and students as well as “tailor” a RBSC session for you and your students in Africana Studies.
Please consider this as you plan in class and out of class engagement with your students!
Best regards, Leslie

Author: Leslie L Morgan

Leslie serves as the Africana Studies and Education Librarian within the Hesburgh Libraries.