Hesburgh Libraries: Employment Opportunity

The Hesburgh Libraries is currently accepting applications for the position of Collections Processing Technician.

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As a member of the Serials, Holdings & Discovery Quality Team (SHDQ) within the Resource Description & Discovery Services unit (RDDS), the Collections Processing Technician supports the ongoing strategic distribution of the Hesburgh Libraries’ physical collections by carrying out various processes which ensure their discoverability and accessibility regardless of location.

The focus of this position is the ongoing processing of physical collections designated for transfer to the Libraries’ off-site storage facility (up to 40,000 volumes annually) as well as collections processing related to moves within the Hesburgh Library, especially those necessitated by building renovations.

To view the full position posting and application instructions, please visit the Human Resources job posting website at jobs.nd.edu.

Hesburgh Libraries: CDS Workshop: Introduction to Text Mining (Wed. Aug. 30, 2017 12:00pm-1:00pm)

Center for Digital Scholarship Workshops
Wednesday, August 30, 2017
Introduction to Text Mining
12:00 PM – 1:00 PM
Eric Lease Morgan
This hands-on class affords participants to learn the benefits of using computers to analyze textual corpora such as a collection of books or journal articles. Sometimes called “distant” or “scalable” reading, text mining – a form of digital humanities research – is a way to literally count & tabulate the frequency of words (or phrases) in a text in order to find patterns & anomalies within it. Based on the resulting analysis, it is possible to more quickly learn what a corpus is about when compared to reading the corpus without the use of a computer. There are no prerequisites, but participants may want to bring their own laptop to the session.

Unless otherwise noted, all CDS workshops take place in the CDS Classroom (Room 129), Hesburgh Library 1st Floor Northeast.
Questions? cds@nd.edu

Hesburgh Libraries: Bringing Classes to Special Collections

Teaching a class at Notre Dame? We invite you to bring your students to Special Collections: freshmen, undergraduates of all levels, grad students, or fellow faculty for that matter.

Teaching a class elsewhere in the Michiana area? We invite you to bring your students—of any age level—to Special Collections, too.

Special Collections offers a wide range of instruction from show-and-tell sessions that introduce students to materials from 2400 BC to present to specialized instruction tailored to course syllabi and assignments. Our staff is more than happy to work with instructors to tailor sessions to meet their needs.

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Learning Opportunity: Hesburgh Libraries-Rare Books and Special Collections

The Rare Books/Special Collections(RBSC) within the Hesburgh Library gave my Librarian colleagues and I an overview of what is available for students and faculty in this area.  I want to encourage all of my Africana Studies Faculty to consider bringing their students over for a session on doing research using their resources.
The last couple of years, Dr. Julie and Colleagues have made tremendous strides in engaging undergraduates in all fields of study to engage our RBSC you consider the value of using such resources for information and research. She mentioned that last academic year, she did presentations for a couple of Moreau courses, and a number of undergraduate courses in the College of Arts & Letters.
Some possibilities for Africana Studies Courses this Academic year (2017-2018):
  • History of the Book (We have rare books from literally the beginning of time to present)
  • Our extensive Sports Collections that include information of African Americans Men & Women in Sports (We have a Baseball Uniform from the Negroe Leagues)
  • Re: Theology: We have an original Coptic Bible; historical artifacts of the Catholic Church..i.e. Huge collection Catholic Pamphlets that are searchable via our library catalog.
  • The Dante Collection (Manuscripts) as well as post-war artist’s interpretations of his written works
  • They have various types of Broadsides of American History; I was able to put my hands on a beautiful broadside that announced the Emanicipation Proclamation to end American Slavery during President Lincoln’s Presidency.
  • Julie mentioned that there is a map of the Continent of Africa available; the Map Collections are extraordinary tools for students to consider research topical ideas. One such map she let us put our hands on is a map of the United States to which they had California as physically separate from the rest of the U.S.
Additionally, RBSC can purchase some rare finds regarding Africana Studies courses and research interests of faculty and students as well as “tailor” a RBSC session for you and your students in Africana Studies.
Please consider this as you plan in class and out of class engagement with your students!
Best regards, Leslie

Hesburgh Libraries: Accepting Applications for the Position of Senior Software Engineer

The Hesburgh Libraries is currently accepting applications for the position of Senior Software Engineer.

The Hesburgh Libraries’ Sr. Software Engineer plays a central role in the ability of the library to cater technical solutions to the needs of the University in its mission to advance scholarship, learning, and research. This position is responsible for designing reliable back end data services, web based applications and infrastructure which anticipate the evolving information needs of students and faculty members. Responsibilities include the design and implementation of scalable applications and software components, as well as engagement with library constituents in negotiating the diverse research and learning needs of the university.

To view the full position posting and application instructions, please visit the Human Resources job posting website at jobs.nd.edu.

A New Multi-Media Resource: Kanopy

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Kanopy is an on-demand streaming video service for educational institutions that works directly with filmmakers and film distribution companies to offer thousands of award-winning documentaries, training films and theatrical releases across diverse subjects and disciplines.

Collections include titles from the DEFA Film Library, ArtMattan Films, HBO, Frameline, Ruscico, Pragda, BBC, Flicker Alley, National Film Board of Canada, First Run Features, Cinema Libre Studio, New Day Films, and the Criterion Collection/Janus Films.

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