Spring HPS workshop

The Spring HPS workshop was a great opportunity for HPS grad students, visiting students, and post-docs to present their work in progress, such as dissertation proposals, current research, and conference presentations.


The HPS community also had the opportunity to welcome back Erik Peterson (HPS alumnus now at the University of Alabama), who gave the opening talk “When Did the Influence of the Environment on Evolution Become Heretical (Again)?” After the workshop, HPS grad student and faculty shared drinks and appetizers at a nearby pub, where Erik shared with us his job-market experience, and presenters had further time to discuss their research topics. As usual, this HPS workshop was ideal for students and post-docs to get useful feedback on their current work in a friendly environment, and for others to familiarize themselves with the ongoing research of the HPS program.

Author: Manuela Fernández Pinto

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