OIT Goes the “Extra Roll” for HCH

Wow, this was an incredible week for the Holy Cross Harvest Food Drive here in OIT and today was an incredible day in the ITC!

Today alone, the ITC donated 347 paper products (278 rolls of toilet paper!), 51 toiletries and 55 food items. Kudos to you all! You definitely win the One Day’s Collection Award.

In total for the week, not counting Ron’s donation, we all donated 428 rolls of toilet paper, 76 rolls of paper towels, 73 boxes of kleenex, 13 general paper items, 66 toiletry items, and 148 food items—enough to fill up 9 food drive barrels! Watch for an announcement Tuesday about the winners of the Ultimate Challenge.

Of course, the real winners in all this are the people in our community that need our help. Can you imagine not being able to provide basic things like toilet paper or toothpaste for your family? What seemed like a fun competition among co-workers helped answer some basic needs in our community.

Next week is the last week of the drive and also our own Thanksgiving harvest pot luck. Rather than have a food item theme for the week, let’s focus on giving thanks—how much we have to be grateful for. As we prepare our dish for the potluck or go to the store to buy something to bring, let’s think about how blessed we all are and pick up something extra for the drive. Perhaps an item from your potluck dish, or something that might make a good addition to someone else’s Thanksgiving dinner.

The barrels will be at the doors to the 2nd floor ITC on Weds for people to deposit their items when they come to the potluck. (There will still be barrels in DeBartolo and the ITC Annex for people to donate there.) All the barrels will be picked up for the final time sometime on Thursday.

Over the last three weeks, the OIT has been astoundingly generous, donating over 11 barrels of food and other items. Let’s see if we can finish up the drive with a total of 15 barrels and give a Happy Thanksgiving to the less fortunate in our community.



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