Innovative Thinkers Camp, InC: Year II – Rising 8th Graders

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Week I

Day I – Problem-Solving

Day II – Research

Day III – Collaboration

Day IV – Critical Thinking

Day V – Creative Thinking


Week II

Day VI – Innovation

Day VII – Evaluation

Day VIII – Execution

Day IX – Resilience

Day X – Celebration

Innovative Thinker’s Camp 2013: Year Two – Rising Eighth Grader

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Week I

Day I:     Problem-Solving

Day II:   Research

Day III: Collaboration

Day IV:  Critical Thinking

Day V:    Creative Thinking


Week II

Day VI:     Innovation

Day VII:   Evaluation

Day VIII:  Execution

Day IX:      Resilience

Day X:        Celebration

Campers Represent at 100 Black Men Gala

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Saturday, October 27, 2012 the 100 Black Men of Greater South Bend held their third annual Gala at Century Center.  In addition to the usual Who’s Who of the community, three Innovative-Thinkers Camp participants were in attendance.  Alvin, Anthony, and Silas represented as members of both the Freedman Academy and Innovative-Thinkers Camp.  Silas spoke to an audience of over 600 people, about the impact that both programs have had on his life.  He did an excellent job and all of us that were in attendance were extremely proud.   Sy Barker, President of the 100 Black Men of Greater South Bend and Silas’ mentor said that when Silas was asked if he would be willing to speak at the gala he told them, “No problem.  I learned public speaking at Innovative-Thinkers Camp!”

Musings from a Librarian – Facilitator’s Notes, Summer-2012

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June 14, 2012: Just finished day three today, and I have to say, it has been some of the most amazing couple of days; the students are fully engaged and learning how to utilize their creativity and innovative thinking.  I did a piece at the Hesburgh Library on Intellectual Property and Copyright for my 7th grade audience, and I was careful to make sure that I put my presentation into their understanding.

Thank goodness for examples such as: Harry Potter Books & Movies, Coke products, mash-up music innovations like LMFAO and Justin Bieber or Little Wayne to bring home this point. We reviewed a couple of You Tube videos to get a sense of how children (their peers) are examining Innovation and Creativity from various countries and how Technology plays a major role.

Our final activity of our time together: Students were asked to review magazines, newspapers, etc. They had to find images, words, advertisements, that speak to a possible invention that they could enhance or create.  What incredible inventions & design ideas they came up with using their blank-page journals. Once this activity was done, each student had to present their idea to everyone present in the library classroom. Everything from a shoe, to air-bag safety measures while flying a plane. Powerful! All of the adults in the room were speechless!

These young people representing what’s great about South Bend.  They are capable to help the adults in our community define Innovation as it relates to the “Silicon Valley of the Midwest” could be in this community. I am grateful and humbled to be of service to these amazing 7th graders!

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Innovative-Thinkers Camp returns to Experience Michiana

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On June 26, Iris Outlaw and Maya Younes visited Experience Michiana to speak with Gordy Young about the Innovative-Thinkers Camp. They discussed the goals of the camp,  the students’ projects, and the great strides the young innovators have made during their first of three years with camp. With newfound confidence, focused creativity, and Full Article

Observations from the Camp: Musings from the Librarian

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I figured now is a good a time as any to share some of my notes and observations from the “frontlines” with our campers and guest speakers and presenters.

Activity #2: “What do I want to be?”


Innovative-Thinkers Camp–Nurturing the local Economic Pipeline

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We have heard from employers and companies that are looking to relocate their businesses that they need a pool of potential employees who are independent thinkers; people who possess creative problem solving skills and can work as a member of a team as well as independently. We have heard that the focus of growth for the Michiana economy is based on innovation. What we have not heard is who working to cultivate that culture.

Innovative-Thinkers Camp (InC) is an attempt to cultivate that culture. We started this summer with a pilot group of 19 middle schoolers (mostly rising 7th graders) and worked to help them to unlock their inner innovator. They had training sessions on various topics and exposure to local innovators who live in our community. One of the campers commented to her peers, at a local community center, that we treated them like they were grown-ups and helped them to realize that they could take initiative to turn the things that they are passionate about into careers or businesses. Full Article

Welcome to Innovative-Thinkers Camp

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What is Innovative Thinkers Camp?

Innovative –Thinkers Camp (InC) is a program designed to cultivate a culture of innovation and creative problem solving among the youth of the Michiana community by nurturing the pipeline that feeds local economic development. InC is a two week summer experience created to encourage youth in grades 7 – 9 to obtain skills that will create a mindset for individual achievement in their academic and future career interests.