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Poetry — What has arrived from Ireland?

Posted on October 13, 2017 in New Books

Reviewing the titles of new poetry books, I came once more to the wonderful title of Paula Meehan’s 
Imaginary Bonnets with Real Bees in Them. I then discovered that I could listen to her lecture on a UCD Scholarcast.  


Image from the UCD Scholarcast Website.

New Irish poetry in the Hesburgh Library. 

Leland Bardwell. Them’s Your Mammy’s Pills, and Other Poems.   
Dedalus Press, 2015.
PR 6052 .A63 A6 2015

Mary Dorcey. To Air the Soul, Throw All the Windows Wide. New & Selected Poems.
Salmon Poetry, 2016.
PR 6054 .O674 A6 2016

Maighréad Medbh. Parvit of Agelast: A Fantasy in Verse.
Arlen House, 2016.
PR 6063 .E33 P37 2016

Paula Meehan. Geomantic.
Dedalus Press, 2016.
PR 6063 .E34 G46 2016

Geraldine Mitchell. Mountains for Breakfast.
Arlen House, 2017.
PR 6063 .I7883 A6 2017

John Montague. Second Childhood.
Gallery Press, 2017.
PR 6063 .O5 A6 2017

Paul Muldoon. Rising to the Rising.
Gallery Press, 2016.
PR 6063 .U367 A6 2016

Peter Pegnal. Bright Scarf: Love and Fear: Poem.
Lapwing, 2016.
PR 6066 .E48 A6 2016

Peter Sirr. Sway: Versions of Poems from the Troubadour Tradition.
Gallery Press, 2016.
PR 6069 .I67 A6 2016

Catherine Ann Cullen. The Other Now: New and Selected Poems.
Dedalus Press, 2016.
PR 6103 .U444 A6 2016

Kevin Higgins. Song of Songs 2.0: New and Selected Poems.
Salmon Poetry, 2017.
PR 6108 .I36 S66 2017

Alice Lyons. Speck: Poems. 2002-2006.
Lapwing, 2015.
PR 6112 .Y63 A6 2015

Geraldine Mills. Gold.
Little Island, 2016.
PR 6113 .I58 G65 2016

Matt Mooney. The Singing Wood: Poems. 
Galway Academic Press, 2017.
PR 6113 .O545 S56 2017

Doireann Ní Ghríofa. Oighear.
Coiscéim, 2017.
PB 1399 .N446 A6 2017

Séamus Barra Ó Súilleabháin. Beatha Dhónaill Dhuibh.
Cló Iar-Chonnacht, 2016.
PB 1400 .O784 A6 2016

Browsing through publishers’ websites will give you some more titles to look for in the library.

Arlen House

Dedalus Press

Gallery Press


Salmon Poetry

And here are some anthologies:

Best Loved Poems: Favourite Poems from the South of Ireland. Edited by Gabriel Fitzmaurice. Photography by John Reidy.
Currach Press, 2016.
PR 8850 .B47 2016

Between the Leaves: An Anthology of New Haiku Writing from Ireland. Edited by Anatoly Kudryavitsky.
Arlen House, 2016.
PR 8851 .B49 2016

The Deep Heart’s Core: Irish Poets Revisit a Touchstone Poem. Edited by Eugene O’Connell and Pat Boran. Forword by Bernard O’Donoghue.
Dedalus Press, 2017.
PR 8851 .D44 2017

Washing Windows? Irish Women Write Poetry: In Honour of Eavan Boland and Catherine Rose.  Edited and Devised by Alan Hayes.
Arlen House, 2017.
PR 8853 .”37 2017

The Future Always Makes Me So Thirsty: New Poets from the North of Ireland. Edited by Sinead Morrissey and Stephen Connolly.
Blackstaff Press, 2016.
PR 1228 .F88 2016


New to the Hesburgh Library Shelves

Posted on August 31, 2017 in New Books

The titles listed (in LC order) are all in the circulating collection of the Hesburgh Library. Titles marked with the location “New Book Area” are there temporarily. This area is on the second floor.

Burke, Tom. Messines to Carrick Hill: Writing Home from the Great War. Mercier Press, 2017. D 640 .B885 2017

O’Higgins, Laurie. The Irish Classical Self: Poets and Poor Scholars in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries. OUP, 2017. DA 947.3 O35 2017

Eötvös báró, József.  Poverty in Ireland 1837: Szegénység Irlandban : a Hungarian’s view. Phaeton, 2015.  DA 950.5 .E58 2015

Lysaght, D. R. O’Connor. From the GPO to the Winter Palace: How a workers’ revolution was lost and how a workers’ revolution was won. Irish Labour History Society, 2016. DA 962 .L97 2016

O’Brien, Paul. Havoc: The Auxiliaries in Ireland’s War of Independence. Collins Press, 2017. DA 962 .O27 2017

O’Connell, Michael. In Search of Truth: British Justice and Collusion in Northern Ireland. Collins Press, 2017. DA 963 .O26 2017

Regan, Nell. Helena Molony: A Radical Life. Arlen House, 2017. DA 965 .M55 R44 2017 (New Book Area)

McDonald, Theresa. A Guide to Archaeological and Historical Sites on Achill, Achillbeg and the Corraun Peninsula. I.A.S. Publications, 2016. DA 990 .A3 M34 2016

Barlow, Matthew. Griffintown: Identity and Memory in an Irish Diaspora Neighbourhood. UBC Press, 2017. F 1054.5 .M89 I6 2017

Higgins, Michael D. When Ideas Matter: Speeches for and Ethical Republic. Head of Zeus, 2016. HN 400.3 .A8 H54 2016

O’Brien, Sarah. Linguistic Diasporas, Narrative and Performance: The Irish in Argentina. Palgrave Macmillan, 2017. (Also online.) JV 7712 .O27 2017

Donahoe, Amanda E. Peacebuilding through Women’s Community Development: Wee Women’s Work in Northern Ireland. Palgrave Macmillan, 2017. JZ 5584 .N75 2017

O’Sullivan, Eilís. Ascendancy Women and Elementary Education in Ireland: Educational Provision for Poor Children. Palgrave Macmillan, 2017. (Also online.) LA 669.62 .S855 2017

O’Connor, Anne. Translation and Language in Nineteenth-century Ireland: A European Perspective. Palgrave Macmillan, 2017. PB 1214 .O26 2017

O’Leary, Philip. An Underground Theatre: Major Playwrights in the Irish Language 1930-80. UCD Press, 2017. PB 1325 .O448 2017 (New Book Area)

Langlois, Christopher. Samuel Beckett and the Terror of Literature. Edinburgh UP, 2017. PQ 2603 .E378 Z7557 2017

Métayer, Mathieu. Une Lecture Maçonnique du Portrait de Dorian Gray. Éditions Dervy, 2017. PR 5819 .M48 2017 (New Book Area)

Bennett, Michael Y. Philosophy and Oscar Wilde. Palgrave Macmillan, 2017. PR 5827 .P5 P45 2017

Moorjani, Angela B., et al. (eds). Beckett in Conversation, “Yet Again”: Recontres avec Beckett, “Encore”. Koninklijke Brill, 2016. PR 6003 .E282 Z4586 v. 28

Lewis, Tasha. Illustrating Joyce’s Ulysses in Eight Weeks. Bookbaby, 2016. PR 6019 .O9 U67449 2016

McBreen, Joan. Map and Atlas. Salmon Poetry, 2017. PR 6025 .C5 A6 2017

Joslin, Lyndon W. Count Dracula Goes to the Movies: Stoker’s Novel Adapted. McFarland, 2017. PR 6037 .T617 D784 2017

Banville, John. Time Pieces: A Dublin Memoir. Hachette, 2016. PR 6052 .A57 Z46 2016

Hogan, Desmond. The History of Magpies.  PR 6058 .O346 H57 2017. (New Book Area)

McCabe, Patrick. Hello and Goodbye: Twin Epistles of Gothic Dread that will Turn your World Upside Down. Quercus, 2013. PR 6063 .C32 H45 2013

Murphy, Richard. In Search of Poetry. Clutag Press, 2017. PR 6063 .U735 I5 2017

Boyne, John. The Heart’s Invisible Furies. Hogarth, 2017. PR 6102 .O96 H43 2017c

French, Tana. Broken Harbor. Penguin, 2013. PR 6016 .R457 B76 2013

Gillis, Alan A. Scapegoat and Other Poems. PR 6107 .I47 A6 2016

Harris, Susan Cannon. Irish Drama and Other Revolutions: Playwrights, Sexual Politics, and the International Left, 1892-1964. Edinburgh UP, 2017. PR 8789 .C36 2017

Suhr-Sytxma, Nathan. Poetry, Print, and the Making of Postcolonial Literature. Cambridge UP, 2017. (Also online.) PR 9082 .S84 2017

Bolton, David. Conflict, Peace and Mental Health: Addressing the Consequences of Conflict and Trauma in Northern Ireland. Manchester UP, 2017.  RC 552 .T7 B65 2017

Finding Fiction

Posted on July 25, 2017 in New Books


Books posing together for a photo.

Bookshops display bestsellers and attractive fiction, making book selection easy and pleasant. Academic libraries, on the other hand, have fiction integrated with literary criticism and it’s not always easy to just walk in and find a novel to read.  Notre Dame’s Hesburgh Library has a great collection of Irish fiction, but identifying authors and books in the catalog takes time.

So this list is a selection of Irish fiction available for loan in the Hesburgh Library.


Banville, John. The Blue Guitar.
NY: Knopf, 2015. (Review)
PR 6052 .A57 B595 2015.


Barrett, Colin.  Young Skins.
Dublin : Stinging Fly, 2013. (Review)
PR 6102 .A7745 Y68 2013


Barry, Kevin. Beatlebone.
New York: Doubleday, 2015. (Review)
PR 6102 .A7833 B43 2015


Baume, Sara. Spill Simmer Falter Wither.
Boston : Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2015. (Review)
PR 6102 .A86 S65 2016


Bolger, Dermot. Lonely Sea and Sky.
Dublin: New Island Books, 2016. (Review.)
PR 6052 .O384 L66 2016


Bruen, Ken. The Guards
Dingle: Brandon, 2001. (Article on Bruen)
PR 6052 .R785 G93 2001


Conlon, Evelyn. Telling : New and Selected Stories
Belfast : Blackstaff, 2000.  (Review)
PR 6053 .O454 T45 2000


Costello, Mary. Academy Street
Edinburgh : Canongate, 2014. (Review)
PR 6103 .O85 A63 2014


Donoghue, Emma.  The Wonder.
NY: Little, Brown, 2016. (Review)
PR 6054 .O547 W67 2016


Duffy, Austin. This Living and Immortal Thing
London : Granta Books, 2016. (Review)
PR 6104 .U34 T4 2016


Dunne, Catherine. The Years that Followed.
New York : Touchstone, 2016. (Publisher website)
PR 6054 .U5536 Y43 2016


Enright, Anne.  The Green Road.
NY: Norton, 2015. (Review)
PR 6055 .N73 G74 2015


Howard, Paul (Ross O’Carroll-O’Kelly). Rhino what You did Last Summer.
Dublin : Penguin Ireland, 2009. (Interview with the author)
PR 6108 .O93 R45 2009


Jordan, Neil. The Drowned Detective.
London : Bloomsbury, 2016. (Review)
PR 6060 .O6255


McBride, Eimear. A Girl is a Half-Formed Thing.
Minneapolis : Coffee House Press. (Review)
PR 6113 .C337 G57 2014


McKinty, Adrian. Dead I Well may be.
New York : Scribner, 2003. (Review)
PS 3563 .C38322 D43 2003


McNamee, Eoin. 2014. Blue is the Night.
London: Faber, 2014. (Review)
PR 6063 .C63 B56 2014


Neville, Stuart. The Twelve.
London: Harvill Secker, 2009. (Review)
PR 6114 .E943 T84 2009


Ní Chonchúir, Nuala. The Closet of Savage Mementoes.
Dublin: New Island, 2014. (Review)
PR 6114 .I23 C58 2014


O’Brien, Edna. The Little Red Chairs.
NY: Little, Brown, 2015. (Review)
PR 6065 .B7 L58 2016.


Ó Cadhain, Máirtín. Graveyard Clay.
New Haven: Yale UP, 2016. (Review)
PB1399.O28 C7413 2016 (note location — this is with the Irish language books on the 8th floor.)

O’Farrell, Maggie. The Vanishing Act of Esme Lennox.
London : Headline Review, 2007. (Review)
PR 6065 .F36 V36 2007


Parsons, Julie. The Guilty Heart
London: Macmillan, 2003.
PR 6066 .A7177 G95 2003


Ryan, Donal. The Spinning Heart.
Hanover, NH: Steerforth Press, 2012. (Review)
PR 6118 .Y354 S68 2014


Tóibín, Colm. Nora Webster.
NY: Scribner, 2014. (Review)
PR 6070 .O455 N67 2014

New Books in Summer 2017

Posted on July 12, 2017 in New Books

Newly-published books continue to arrive from our vendors in Ireland and the U.S. during the summer.

Here is a selection of titles of the Irish-published books that arrived in parcels since May:

(Dust-jackets shown here are from books just in the door and not yet cataloged.)

The Fenian Cycle in Irish and Scots-Gaelic Literature.
Joseph J. Flahive. Cork Studies in Celtic Literatures, 2017. PB 1397 .F5 F56 2017

Rebel Kerry: From the Pages of ‘The Kerryman’.
Simon Brouder, ed. Mercier Press, 2017. DA 962 .R43 2017 (currently shelved in the New Book Area, first floor).

Time Pieces: A Dublin Memoir.
John Banville, Paul Joyce. Hachette, 2016. PR 6052 .A57 46 2016

Douglas Hyde: The Professor of Irish who became President of Ireland: Proceedings of Seminar Held to Explore Aspects of the Life and Achievements of Douglas Hyde, the First President of Ireland.
Attracta Halpin, Áine Mannion, eds., National University of Ireland, 2016. DA 965 .H9 D885 2016

Selected Poems
A.E. (George William Russell). Daniel Mulhall. Swan River Press, 2017. PR 6035 .U7 A6 2017 (currently in the New Book Area, first floor).

To commemorate the 150th anniversary of A.E.’s birth, Swan River Press is pleased to reissue this career-spanning collection of poems from a key artist of the Celtic Revival. This volume includes selections from The Earth BreathVoices of the StonesThe House of the Titans, and others, introducing a new generation to Ireland’s foremost mystical poet. – Swan River Press

Elaine Feeney. Salmon Poetry, 2017. PR 6106 .E3445 .R57 2017

Stewart Parker. Ed., Marilynn Richtarik. Lilliput Press, 2017. Special Collections (MR) Medium PR 6066 .A69 H66 2017.

The Therapy House.
July Parsons. New Island, 2017. Special Collections (MR) Medium PR 6066 .A7177 T54 2017.

The last two books are part of the Irish Fiction Collection, and are available for reading in the Special Collections Reading Room.


Weekly Freeman

Posted on April 20, 2017 in New Books

A Volume of Weekly Freeman cartoons from the 1880s was recently added to our collection. The RBSC Blog has a brief description:


Recent Acquisition: Tenants, Evictions and Newspapers: a volume of cartoons from the Weekly Freeman

The cartoons may be viewed in the Reading Room of the Hesburgh Libraries’ Rare Books and Special Collections Department.



October Arrivals

Posted on October 19, 2015 in New Books

Oct 18 book 6Here is a small sample of our recent arrivals:

Semibreve by John F. Deane.  Carcanet.

A Hundred Doors by Michael Longley. Wake Forest

One Wide Expanse by Michael Longley. UCD Press.

What Just Happened by Sara Berkeley Tolchin. Gallery Press.

There Now by Eamon Grennan. Gallery Press.

What’s left of the Flag by Jimmy Murphy. Samuel French.

Blue Raincoat Theatre Company by Rhona Trench. Carysfort.

Radical Contemporary Theatre Practices by Women in Ireland edited by Miriam Haughton and Mária Kurdi. Carysfort Press.

Medieval Ecclesiastical Buildings in Ireland, 1789-1915: Building on the Past, by Niamh Nic Ghabhann. Four Courts.

Clerics, Kings and Vikings: Essays on Medieval Ireland in Honour of Donnchadh Ó Corráin, edited by Emer Purcell et al. Four Courts.

Oct 18 book 8Jeremiah O’Donovan Rossa, Unrepentant Fenian by Shane Kenna. Irish Academic Press.

Terrible Queer Creatures: Homosexuality in Irish History by Brian Lacey. Wordwell.

The Tudor Discovery of Ireland by Christopher Maginn and Steven G. Ellis.  Four Courts.

Three Centuries of Irish Art: Crawford Art Gallery Collection.

Ruairí Ó Brádaigh: Selected Writings and Speeches, 1970-1986. Cló Saoirse /Irish Freedom Press.

Cumann na mBan. 100 Years Defending the Republic. Lita Ní Chathmhaoil and Dieter Reinisch. Cló Saoirse/ Irish Freedom Press.

Witchcraft and Magic in Ireland. Andrew Sneddon.

The Postcolonial Traveler: Kate O’Brien and the Basques = La Viajera Poscolonial/ Kate O’Brien y Euskadi.  Academica.

The Economics of Schooling in a Divided Society: The Case for Shared Education. Vani K. Borooah and Colin Knox. Palgrave

All these books are now listed in the Library Catalog.






New Books in November 2014

Posted on December 8, 2014 in New Books

Kane Elizabeth New arrivals in November include the following:


Elizabeth I and Ireland edited by Brendan Kane and Valerie McGowan-Doyle.  Cambridge U.P., 2014.  DA 355 .E566 2014 *

Maeve’s times: in her own words. Maeve Binchy. Edited by Róisín Ingle.  Introduction by Gordon Snell.  Knopf, 2014.  PR 6052 .I7728 A6 2014

U2: the definitive biography. John Jobling. Thomas Dunne Books, 2014.  ML 421 .U2 J63 2014

Belfast Noir. Edited by Adrian McKinty and Stuart Neville.  Akashic Books, 2014.  PR 1309 .N65 B45 2014

Citizen convicts: Prisoners, politics and the vote. Cormac Behan. Manchester U. P., 2014. JN 1541 .B44 2014

Gender roles in Ireland: Three decades of attitude change. Margaret Fine-Davis. Routledge, 2014. BV 40 .F43 2014

* Check the catalog ( for the current availability of books.

New Irish History books at Hesburgh Library

Posted on October 23, 2014 in New Books

The titles below were all received since the summer.  Not all books are on the shelves. Please use the library catalog for up-to-date information on each book.  If a book has been borrowed, you may reserve it, and if it has not yet been cataloged, a request will ensure that you are notified when the book is available.


Colin Cousins. Armagh and the Great War. History Press Ireland, 2014.

Father Browne’s First World War.  Messenger Publications, 2014.
Review (Irish Independent 17/8/2014)

James Durney. In a Time of War: Kildare 1914-1918. Irish Academic Press, 2014

Ken Kinsella. Out of the Dark, 1914-1918: South Dubliners who fell in the Great War. Irish Academic Press, 2014.

Travor Parkhill. The First World War Diaries of Emma Duffin: Belfast Voluntary Aid Detachment Nurse. Four Courts Press, 2014.
D 630 .D83 A3 2014


Matthew Lewis. Frank Aiken’s War: The Irish Revolution, 1916-23UCD Press, 2014.

Gabriel Doherty (ed.). The Home Rule Crisis 1912-14. Mercier, 2014.
DA 960 .H65 2014

Ann Matthews. The Irish Citizen Army. Mercier Press, 2014.

Mick O’Farrell. The 1916 Diaries of an Irish Rebel and a British Soldier. Mercier press, 2014.
DA 960 .O46 2014

Gerard Noonan. The IRA in Britain, 1919-1923: ‘In the Heart of Enemy Lines’.  Liverpool University Press, 2014.
DA 964 .G7 N66 2014

Stan Greer. In Search of Bulmer Hobson.  Graven Image Press, 2014.
DA 965 .H6 G74 2014

William Murphy. Political Imprisonment and the Irish, 1912-1921. Oxford University Press, 2014.
DA 990 .U46 M88 2014


Michael Kennedy. Ireland, the United Nations and the Congo: A Military and Diplomatic History. Four Courts Press, 2014.
DT 658.22 .K46 2014

Pat Walsh. Catastrophe and Resurgence: The Catholic Predicament in Northern Ireland. Belfast Historical and Educational Society, 2014. Volume I: Catastrophe 1914-1968.
DA 990 .U46 W346 2014

Joshua T. Searle. Scarlet Woman and the Red Hand: Evangelical Apocalyptic Belief in the Northern Ireland Troubles. Eugene, Oregen: Pickwick Publications, 2014.
BR 797 .N67 S43 2014

Daragh Curran. The Protestant Community in Ulster, 1825-45: A Society in Transition. Four Courts Press, 2014.
DA 990 .U46 C87 2014

Mary C. Murphy. Northern Ireland and the European Union: The Dynamics of a Changing Relationship. Manchester University Press, 2014.
DA 990 .U46 M875 2014

Cheryl Lawther. Truth, Denial and Transition: Northern Ireland and the Contested Past. Routledge, 2014.
KDE 210 .L39 2014

Colin Graham. Northern Ireland: 30 Years of Photography. Belfast Exposed Photography, 2013.
TR 59.3 .G73 2013


Marion Rogan. Charles Tisdall of County Meath, 1740-51. From Spendthrift Youth to Improving Landlord.  Four Courts Press, 2014.

Aonghus Dwane.  Donald Caird: Church of Ireland Bishop: Gaelic Churchman, a Life. Columbia Press, 2014.

Paul Clements. Romancing Ireland: Richard Hayward, 1892-1964. Lilliput Press, 2014.
DA 963 .C54 2014

Neil Cronin. Medical Profession and the Exercise of Power in Early Nineteenth-century Cork. Four Courts Press, 2014.

Pádraig Lenihan. The Last Cavalier: Richard Talbot (1631-91). UCD Press, 2014.
DA 429 .L46 2014

Brendan Kelly. Custody, Care & Criminality: Forensic Psychiatry in 19th Century Ireland. History Press Ireland, 2014.

Gerard MacAtasney. The Dead Buried by the Dying: The Great Famine in County Leitrim. Irish Academic Press, 2014.

Emmet O’Connor. Derry Labour in the Age of Agitation 1889-1923.  Four Courts Press, 2014.


John Fox. El Proyecto Macnamara: The Maverick Irish Priest and the Race to Seize California 1844-1846. Irish Academic Press, 2014.

Ronald Kessler. The Sins of the Father: Joseph P. Kennedy and the Dynasty he Founded. Warner Books, 1996.
E 748 .K376 K47 1996

Mary E. Lyons. The Blue Ridge Tunnel: A Remarkable Engineering Feat in Antebellum Virginia. Charleston: The History Press, 2014.
Note in the Crozet Gazette (4/4/14)
TF 238 .B6 L96 2014

Patrick Walsh. The South Sea Bubble and Ireland: Money, Banking and Investment, 1690-1721. Boydell Press, 2014.
HG 6008 .W35 2014


Michael Kelly. Struggle and Strife on a Mayo Estate, 1833-1903: The Nolans of Logboy and their Tenants. Four Courts Press, 2014.

Thomas J. Morrissey. Peter Kenney SJ 1779-1841: The Restoration of the Jesuits in Ireland, England, Sicily, and North America. Catholic University of America Press, 2014.
Reprint of 1996 edition, As One Sent: Peter Kenney SJ (1779-1841): His Mission in Ireland and North America.
BX 4705 .K386 M672 2014

Brendan Walsh (ed.). Knowing Their Place? The Intellectual Life of Women in the 19th Century. History Press Ireland, 2014.

Sarah-Beth Watkins. Ireland’s Suffragettes: The Women who fought for the Vote. The History Press Ireland, 2014.
JN 979 .W38 2014

Roger Courtney. Dissenting Voices: Rediscovering the Irish Progressive Presbyterian Tradition: Profiles of 300 Progressive Presbyterians over Four Centuries. Ulster Historical Foundation, 2013.

Liam Dolan. The Third Earl of Leitrim. Dundalk: The Author, 1978.
CT 868 .L44 D64 1978

Ciarán Reilly. The Irish Land Agent, 1830-60: The Case of King’s County. Four Courts Press, 2014.
DA 990 .O3 R45 2014

Clyve Jones (ed.). Parliament, Politics and Policy in Britain and Ireland, c. 1680-1832: Essays in Honour of D. W. Hayton. Wiley, 2014.
DA 445 .P325 2014


Stephen Ferguson. The GPO: Two Hundred Years of History. Mercier Press, 2014.
DA 950 .F474 2014

Myles Dungan. Mr. Parnell’s Rottweiler: Censorship and the United Ireland Newspaper, 1881-1891. Irish Academic PRess, 2014.
DA 957 .D86 2014

Bernard Shillman. A Short History of the Jews in Ireland. Eason, 1945.
DS 135 .I75 S5 1945

John Carlos. Ireland’s Western Islands: Inishbofin, The Aran Islands, Inishturk, Inishark, Clare & Turbot Island. Collins Press, 2014.
DA 988 .C37 2014

Ann Lynch. Poulnabrone: An Early Neolithic Portal Tomb in Ireland. Department of the Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht, 2014.
DA 990 .B87 L9 2014

Henry Murdoch: Remembering Killaloe: A Memoir. Liffey Press, 2014.
DA 990 .C59 M567 2014

Tom Hartley. Milltown Cemetery: The History of Belfast, Written in Stone. Blackstaff Press, 2014.
DA 995 .B5 H25 2014

David Dickson. Dublin: The Making of a Capital City. London: Profile, 2014.
DRB Review
DA 995 .D75 D53 2014

John Thuillier. Kinsale Harbour: A History. Collins Press, 2014.
DA 995 .K495 T58 2014


Brian P. Murphy. Glenstal Abbey Gardens: C. 1650 to the Present: From Townland to Terrace Garden. Papaver Editions, 2014.
SB 466 .I733 G54 2014

Nigel Everett. The Woods of Ireland: A History, 700-1800. Four Courts Press, 2014.
SD 185 .E84 2014

Pat Finnegan. Loughrea, ‘That Den of Infamy’ During the Land War in Co. Galway, 1879-82. Four Courts Press, 2014.
DA 995 .L79 F56 2014

H. Kingsmill Moore. The Centenary Book of the Church of Ireland Training College, 1811-1911. Dublin: Educational Depository, 1911.
LB 2064 .D8 M8 1911

Deirdre Raftery and Karin Fischer (ed.). Educating Ireland: Schooling and Social Change, 1700-2000. Irish Academic Press, 2014.
LC 191.8 .I73 E38 2014

Antonia McManus. Irish Education: The Ministerial Legacy, 1919-99. The History Press Ireland, 2014.

Máirtín Mac Con Iomaire and Eamon Maher. ‘Tickling the Palate’: Gastronomy in Irish Literature and Culture. Peter Lang, 2014.
Irish Times review
TX 360 .I73 T53 2014




Dublin Review of Books Issue 59

Posted on September 2, 2014 in New Books

DRB SmythThe latest issue of the DRB features an essay by Professor Jim Smyth, “The Big Smoke” in which he reviews Dublin: the Making of a Capital City, by David Dickson.  This book has not yet reached the Hesburgh Library shelves, but the “on order” note is in the catalogue, where you may request it and receive a note when it arrives.


An additional feature of the DRB that is of great interest to librarians is the New Books listing.

Latest Arrivals from Ireland

Posted on April 17, 2014 in New Books
Literature books, new in April 2014

Literature books, new in April 2014

Gaeilge April

Some of the Irish language books received in April.

Here are some of the titles just in.  This is a “sneak preview” — they are not cataloged, so if you want a book soon, place a request and it will move to the top of the queue.

An Taibhse Ghlas: Na Fíníní: Ceanada 1866/ Brian Ó Baoill. Coiscéim

Lebor na Cert: Reassessments / Kevin Murray. Irish Texts Society (Subsidiary Series).

An Reifirméisean, na Protastúnaigh agus an Ghaeilge 1534-1800 / Roibeárd Ó hÉanna. Privately published.

Rabhadh! Dánta / Alan Titley.  Coiscéim.

An Colm Bán / Liam Ó Muirthile.  Coiscéim.

Frederick Douglass in Ireland. “The Black O’Connell” / Laurence Fenton. Collins Press

Clerical and learned lineages of Medieval Co. Clare: A survey of the fifteenth-century papal registers / Luke McInerney.  Four Courts.

Laurence O’Neill (1864-1943): Lord Mayor of Dublin (1917-1924):Patriot and man of peace / T. Morrissey.  Dublin City Council with Four Courts Press.

Reading Medbh McGuckian / Leontia Flynn.  Irish Academic Press.

Bram Stoker: Centenary essays.  Edited by Jarlath Killeen.  Four Courts.

 X / Vona Groarke.  Gallery Press.