Emily Dufner

Year: Sophomore (Class of 2019)
Hometown: Short Hills, NJ
Position: Driver
Dorm: Breen-Phillips Hall
Major: Political Science

Swimming, hot yoga, talking and being social, watching The Office.

Looking Forward to the Most/Favorite Part of Notre Dame (up until now):
Besides football season, my favorite part has been getting to know the water polo team!  I am really looking forward to our competition season.

Favorite Spot on Notre Dame Campus:
When you walk out of the library’s doors that face North Quad. there is this view of BP, Stonehenge, the Basilica, and the Dome that I love.

Favorite Sport/Sports Team/Athlete:
Competitive Swimming: Michael Phelps.

Favorite Type of Music/Song:
Anything but Country.

Favorite Food:

Favorite Movie:
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

Favorite Book: 
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (I like consistency).

Random Fact:
For practically my entire like everyone has called me Duf, short for Dufner.  When people learn this for the first time they usually feel bad until I explain that it has nothing to do with the movie “The Duff.”