Kelly Fricke

Year: Sophomore (Class of 2019)
Hometown: Kailua, HI
Position: Driver
Dorm: Walsh Hall
Major: Chinese

Water polo-duh!  Hiking, scuba diving, swimming and snorkeling.

Looking Forward to the Most/Favorite Part of Notre Dame (up until now):
Touchdown push-ups at Notre Dame football games!

Favorite Spot on Notre Dame Campus:
The cookie counter at the dining hall (I have figured out the exact times that freshly baked cookies come out).

Favorite Sport/Sports Team/Athlete:
Underwater basket weaving–just kidding, water polo!

Favorite Type of Music/Song:
iTunes top 25.

Favorite Food:

Favorite Movie:
The Parent Trap.

Favorite Book: 
Rainbow Fish.

Random Fact:
My sister, Colleen Fricke #8, is pretty cool!  Does that count?