Kaa kaa kaa kaat-man-duuu

By Dhiraj Pant, Nepal

Many of you have probably heard of the famous track “Kaa kaa kaa kaat-man-duuu” by Bob Seger. It also happens to be the place I hail from, the capital of Nepal. We are a tiny nation sandwiched between two giants: India and China. Nepal is known for her majestic inheritance of the scenic mountains in the Himalayan range and houses the world’s tallest mountain, Mount Everest, which is 8848 m above sea level. What is not so obvious though, is that according to Guinness World Records, we have the shortest man alive, measuring just 67 cm.

I am Dhiraj Pant, a graduate student in the Department of Economics. Back in college, I used to hear a lot about Notre Dame’s tradition, culture and values from my professors, friends and media. What really got me here, however, was the University’s philosophy on ‘unique spirit’ and being open to change. In particular, the development of the new economics program that provides training on policy-relevant research.

Apart from missing home, friends, food and weather, the most challenging aspect for me has been adjusting to a graduate student lifestyle. Given the demanding workload, I have little time to meet new people or to be involved in extracurricular activities. However, with the help of programs coordinated by offices like ISSA, I am able to balance my work and social life.

Overall, the college experience has been more than fruitful and I am looking forward to more great experiences in my remaining years here at Notre Dame.  Go Irish!


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