Blessed Are They Who Notify Web Managers Of Errors

Don’t you just hate when you make a mistake? Well, take that mistake and put it on the Internet. How does that feel?

I’ve always felt the biggest drawback to writing and editing content for the web is that THE ENTIRE WORLD CAN SEE IT. Now, this can be a really great thing because that means that your content has the potential to reach millions of people. On the other hand, your content errors can reach millions of people.

I have a little editing trick that I would like to share. If I have written content for a web page, I like to build the page and put it on a preview site, then go on to something else. Several hours-or even a day-later, I’ll come back to it with fresh eyes and reread it. In this way, I can usually catch typos or places where I’ve edited something out, but didn’t delete the whole sentence, etc.

This works like a charm most of the time. The other times? There are lots of people out there who are kind enough to let you know when you’ve published an error 🙂 Blessed are they who notify web managers of errors for they save us from further shame.

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