Vanessa Carlton Hits Legends

The line wrapped around the block by 9:30 on Saturday night, as Notre Dame students flocked to Legends to see the talented Vanessa Carlton perform live.  Her most popular songs, ‘White Houses’ and ‘A Thousand Miles’ were big crowd pleasers as Legends was at full capacity, and left over 100 students turned away at the door.

When asked about the concert, Junior Steve Conway said, “Why didn’t she play ‘Ordinary Day’?? Also, she put both of her best songs at the end of the performance, which I felt was a poor decision. She should’ve opened with one and closed with the other. That’s performing 101.”

While this is certainly a valid complaint, when the signature piano sound of ‘A Thousand Miles’ started to play, the crowd went wild.

All in all, it was a very lovely concert, and I found it very enjoyable and memorable.  For more information on Vanessa Carlton, visit her website!


One thought on “Vanessa Carlton Hits Legends

  1. I loved “A Thousand Miles” the first time I heard it ten years ago, when VC was barely 21. She sings, she writes, she plays – wow! Wish I had seen her.