I was a kid who wanted to “design cars”, and at 16 years old wanted to race them.  So, I went to study Mechanical Engineering and on my second year started to design, build and race Formula SAE race cars. I’m better at the first two.  This experience opened doors in the automotive industry where I did internships in hybrid-trucks, 6-speed transmissions, electronic throttle control and finally, Research & Development!  Then, I wanted to take part in the engineering design of a production vehicle.  However, these unique experiences of Formula SAE in par with industry internships made me understand that engineering is just one part of the product development process.  Now, I’m a Mechanical Engineering Ph.D. student under the advisory of Professor Stephen M. Batill. I’m studying design theory and methodology to help engineers understand other parts of product development (the big picture), with the intention to develop new methods that inform and guide the engineering design process towards a big picture optimum.  This has taken me to explore optimization, user-centered-design and Psychology, and a few things in between and outside.  The end goal is to apply these methods in industry, or better, teach them and have a greater impact in the design of today’s products.

This blog is a place where I will be sharing my thoughts about Design and Engineering.  Also, I will be posting lessons learned from my Formula SAE experience that can be applied to many group engineering design projects, like Baja SAE.

My contact information can be found on my web page.