Hall Staff

Keenan Hall, much like other dorms on campus, is led by a rector. Assisting him are two assistant rectors (ARs) who reside on the third and fourth floors. Each floor in Keenan has two sections: north and west. Each section has one resident assistant (RA). ARs are typically post-grads while RAs are seniors.

As of May 2017, Notre Dame is in the process of hiring a new rector for Keenan as Noel Terranova, the previous 5 years’ rector, departed to start a family.

Rector: Jimmy Tull

Assistant Rectors:

Jonathon Schall

Christopher Chung

Resident Assistants:

1 North: Dylan Naylor

1 West: Andrew Zimms

2 North: Dan Lindstrom

2 West: Dan Neuson

3 North: Rathin Kacham

3 West: Kevin Schneier

4 North: Juan Esteban Baus

4 West: Andrew Puetz