I am a 5th year PhD candidate and NSF Graduate Research Fellow in the Applied Mathematics and Computational Sciences Department (ACMS) at the University of Notre Dame, under the supervision of Dr. Alan Lindsay. My research interests focus on developing adaptive numerical methods for partial differential equations, with a particular emphasis on nonlinear problems and engineering applications. I am also interested in bridging gaps between the machine learning methods I learned during my internship at IBM-Dublin and classical methods in partial differential equations.

I grew up in the southwest suburbs of Chicago and completed my Bachelor’s of Science in Applied Mathematics at the University of Illinois at Chicago. My honors thesis project focused onĀ  mathematically modeling sandbar formation, where I worked under the supervision of Dr. Jerry Bona. During my senior year, I interned at Argonne National Laboratory, during which I studied cloud movement and its impact on solar panel design.

Beyond research, I have spent much of my professional career engaged in leadership and outreach opportunities. In Spring 2015, I organized a successful 5k with two fellow PhD students at Notre Dame, where we raised over $4000 for a local charity. I also was the organizing chair for the 2017 Schmitt Leadership Conference for high school and college students in the Chicago area.

Feel free to contact me (kdipiet1@nd.edu) with any questions or comments.

When I’m not researching, I enjoy cooking, traveling, biking, and watercolor painting.

(Left): Hiking to the top of Gran Sasso in Italy. (Right): Meeting a camel in Abu Dhabi.