Welcome to Literacy Awareness Notre Dame!

  • 40,000 adults in St. Joseph County cannot read or write above a 4th grade level.
  • Childhood is the most crucial time for developing lifelong literacy.
  • Play with awesome local kids at the Robinson Center & the Boys and Girls Club!
  • Write to a pen-pal at a local school!
  • Read and help at events at the St. Joseph County Public Library!
  • Fundraise at Scrabble Tournaments, bake sales, and other great events!
Bi-Weekly Meetings, WEDNESDAYS 9PM in the McNeil Room in LaFortune

Our first meeting is SEPTEMBER 7th!!



2 Responses to “Welcome to Literacy Awareness Notre Dame!”

  1. Leslie L says:

    Excellent information! Thanks for sharing. If I can offer some “Librarian Resources”, please let me know: lmorgan1@nd.edu

    • Carolyn says:

      Thanks, Leslie! We appreciate your comment. We’re certainly interested in working with the library in any way possible so if you know of anything please let us know. We are also in contact with Naomi Bishop, who has volunteered for many of our events.