Welcome to the Fields Group Webpage!

Photo Credit: Reider Hahn / Fermilab

We are a group of neutrino physicists in the Department of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Notre Dame. This page contains some news items related to group members and information about our research in accelerator-based experimental neutrino physics. Please take a look around and check out the contact page if you have more questions.

Graduate Student Denise Huerta Receives GEM Fellowship

Photo credit: Vanderbilt University / Photo by Steve Green

We are very proud to announce that Denise (“Angie”) Huerta has received a prestigious GEM foundation fellowship to support her graduate studies at the University of Notre Dame. As part of the fellowship, Angie will spend the summer 2022 at NASA completing a summer internship. Congratulations Angie!!!!


In Jan, 2021, Fields group students participated in the construction and operation of the EMPHATIC detector at Fermilab. EMPHATIC operates at the Fermilab Test Beam Facilty, where the interactions that happen in intense neutrino beams are recreated in a low-intensity setting where they can be precisely measured. Notre Dame students helped assemble the EMPHATIC silicon strip detectors and time-of-flight detectors before taking taking many shifts where they watched over the EMPHATIC detector during the run. Group members are headed back to Fermilab this summer for EMPHATIC Phase 1-B.