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Blogs are getting a lot of press these days, especially as a learning tool in higher ed.  That is, in fact, the motivating factor behind this blog.  It seems that blogs are a logical and convenient format for the development of meta-cognitive skills and for reflection on learning.  Connectivism as a concept would appear to […]

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Connectivism is another educational topic that gets a lot of press but not so much deep discussion. It is best for me to leave description of the concept to the go-to guy, Stephen Downes. It is possible that I suffer from complete failure to understand the concept but it does seem to me that there […]

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Learning Analytics

I only know enough about Learning Analytics to be dangerous. I was fortunate enough to be in a class where George Siemens was a guest speaker (from his kitchen table in Canada). And I know that he envisions something much different than tracking the number of posts in the LMS discussion board. As we move […]

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