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Hesburgh Libraries employees and guests collaborate in playing the Diffusion Simulation Game   Every spring since 2005, Hesburgh Libraries conducts its May Institute, an “… intensive opportunity for all library employees to meet and work together in collaborative and enjoyable ways, across the traditional boundaries and hierarchies.”  Hesburgh Libraries is currently undergoing radical reorganization so […]

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Connectivism is another educational topic that gets a lot of press but not so much deep discussion. It is best for me to leave description of the concept to the go-to guy, Stephen Downes. It is possible that I suffer from complete failure to understand the concept but it does seem to me that there […]

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Learning Analytics

I only know enough about Learning Analytics to be dangerous. I was fortunate enough to be in a class where George Siemens was a guest speaker (from his kitchen table in Canada). And I know that he envisions something much different than tracking the number of posts in the LMS discussion board. As we move […]

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