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ND Alum runs across America

Posted on May 19, 2011 in Alumni, National, News, Notre Dame

Last fall, Notre Dame watched as Dean of Science, Gregory Crawford, biked across America with his wife, Renate Crawford, to raise awareness of research on Nieman-Pick Type C Disease. The awareness campaign was known as “Desert to Dome: Riding for the Lives of Children.” In January, another member of the ND family, Jeff Grabosky, ND ’05, started a 3,500 mile trek of running across U.S.A. Grabosky is expected to finish his cross-continental tomorrow when he arrives in New York City.

Like Dean Crawford, Grabosky is running for lives. He is running for all of our lives, the lives of children, the lives of all those in the world. However, he is not trying to raise money for any particular campaign or foundation. Inspired by his faith-filled upbringing as well as his mother’s (who died of cancer in 2006) practice of praying while on her daily runs, Grabosky is running across America using the time to pray.

“I have run for charity, raised money for breast cancer research and leukemia and other causes. When I thought about what I would be running for when I decided to run across the United States, I wanted to do something different. I wanted to be an example to others, to inspire others to bring their worries and concerns to God in prayer. So I decided to take prayer intentions and would pray individually for each intention as I ran mile after mile after mile.”

Reflecting on his faith-filled, pro-life upbringing and the impact of his mother’s death, “Even when my mom was suffering, she found the strength to pray for and take action for life…On my runs I often pray for the unborn, those who have no voice. I recently became an uncle for the first time and seeing my little niece brings the kind of joy that penetrates my heart and soul, into spaces I didn’t even know existed. She was once, not long ago, a tiny unborn baby and I pray for all those who are like she was, but never got the chance to live,” Grabosky says.

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Planned Parenthood de-funded in Indiana

Posted on May 11, 2011 in News, Pictures

As most readers know, the University of Notre Dame is located in the town of South Bend, Indiana. As of yesterday evening, it was official that Indiana has de-funded Planned

Photo by John Maxwell

Parenthood. Governor Mitch Daniels signed into a law a bill that prevents any future taxpayer money from going Planned Parenthood.

In light of the federal debate on-going about the de-funding of Planned Parenthood, Governor Daniels signing of this bill makes Indiana the first state in the nation to remove Planned Parenthood’s federal funding. In addition to revoking federal funding of Planned Parenthood, the bill also bans all abortions passed twenty weeks of gestation. In late April, Governor Daniels stated his intent to sign House Bill 1210 when the time came that it came to his desk, citing a 2:1 bipartisian support for the bill from the state’s congress and  “the support of an overwhelming majority of Hoosiers.”

In answer to Planned Parenthood’s criticisms of the bill, which they say will prevent citizens from receiving the “livesaving care offered by Planned Parenthood centers,” Governor Daniels said that he can confirm after a “careful review of access to all services across the state”  that “all non-abortion services, whether family planning or basic women’s health, will remain readily available in every one of our 92 counties.”

Emphasizing that the new law is not discriminating against an particular group,  Daniels said that “[a]ny organization affected by this provision can resume receiving taxpayer dollars immediately by ceasing or separating its operations that perform abortion.”

Read more about Indiana’s new law here. See the bill’s contents here.