Laurie Littlepage, Ph.D.

Campbell Family Assistant Professor of Cancer Research
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
Harper Cancer Research Institute
University of Notre Dame

Current Littlepage Lab

Junmin Wu – Lab Program Manager

Dr. Zhongyu Qu – Vistiting Scholar / Postdoc

Chen Dai – Graduate Student

Beth Facchine – Graduate Student

Ricardo Romero Moreno – Graduate Student

Maria Cristina Miranda Vergara – Graduate Student

Charley Jang – Undergraduate Research Scientist

Shourik Dutta – Undergraduate Research Scientist

Kristen Wehner – Undergraduate Research Scientist

Mary Clare Lipa – Undergraduate Research Scientist








Chen                                    Charley


Former Lab Members

Dr. Emilia Hartland – Lab Program Manager

Dr. Chris Suarez – Postdoctoral Research Associate

Mayra Sandoval-Cooper – Histology Program Manager

Rispah Torrorey – Visiting Thesis Student

Sally Xie – Eck Masters Student

Sharif Rahmy – Visiting Scholar

Megan Fabry – Undergraduate Research Scientist

Maggie Kerper – Undergraduate Research Scientist

Matt Messana – Undergraduate Research Scientist

Brian Shannon – Undergraduate Research Scientist

Lucy Smith – Undergraduate Research Scientist