This is going to be a bit bumpy

The University in its wisdom decided    to change the way we publish our websites.   So now I have to figure out  how redesign  my websites so that you, I mean you, the one  who  is  reading these lines,  will  continue to have access   to my professional writing which is probably  the main reason you  are here.

I’ve learned  to dread the word  “upgrade”    coming from the eminences grises    managing our   IT department.  This is  an “upgrade” and believe me, it  confirms my experience that these doofuses  do things  that that make the lives of users like myself more complicated.

I  have many plates in the air at  this time (March, the year of or Lord 2017). I will slowly be moving  my old site to Blogger.   In the meantime  try my old site.     You can check my new  site here.