Week 1 Day 4

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Today while walking through St. James, Ellen suggested we change up the format of the blog a little and make it a daily adventure! Some days will obviously be busier than others, but the daily updates will make everything a little more organized.

This morning, instead of class, Ryan, Lexi, Katie, Ellen, and I had a field trip to the British Library to see the Magna Carta. After, we stayed to explore another exhibit and although Ryan said he was going to wait outside, he stumbled upon the Beatles part, which featured drafts of songs and music.

Ryan listening to the Beatles at the British Library

Katie outside the British Library.

Ellen, Katie, Ryan, and Lexi outside the British Library.

After the British Library, Ryan, Ellen, Lexi and I met up with Brad Lenke (Lexi’s boyfriend.) We ate lunch at Fernando’s, which we all loved. Delicious sandwiches. We then made our way to the Churchill War Rooms, which I have been dying to see. While walking there we ended up going through the Household Cavalry and took pictures with the guards.

Ellen and me with one of the guards.

Ellen and a guard she likes.


The War Rooms were great. It was incredible how well preserved and well decorated they are. We met up with Jack, Kiernan, and Ben there. All of us took a nice stroll through Hyde Park, by Buckingham Palace and ended up in Hyde Park.

Lexi and Brad being a cute couple on the bridge at St. James Park.


Kiernan’s wearing a denim shirt.


It was such a beautiful day after such chilly ones that we decided to say in Hyde Park and lay in the sun. But as exhausted as we’ve been it didn’t take long for us to all fall asleep!

Ben napping in the sun at Hyde Park.

See ya tomorrow!



Hey everyone! Kathryn here. After a long 3 hours of philosophy, I met up with Morgan (who is making a guest appearance in London), Katie, Hannah, and Marissa to head over to the Natural History Museum of London since we had already been to the Churchill War Rooms.

Nature rules!

It was a blast. We only made it through half of the museum since we were all starving and faint by 3pm, but we saw a ton of amazing fossils, “treasures,” jewels, and other interactive exhibits showing the wonders of the natural world. We all really liked the dinosaurs, the original copy of On the Origin of Species, a massive tree stump, and some meteorites. Marissa and Katie say they liked the gems the best, especially the diamonds.

We stared at these gems for maybe 20 minutes straight.

After a few hours of exploring and touching a lot of museum displays, we all felt desperate for hand sanitizer and lunch. We sat down at a restaurant in South Kensington called Love’s Pasta which really hit the spot. We also met a Spanish girl who just moved to London for work. We complained together about how expensive London is and she saved the day by speaking to our waiter in Spanish when he messed up our order.

After lunch we walked towards Hyde Park and soaked up the sun near the Albert Memorial for awhile before we all headed back to Conway.

Thats all for now!

I spy with my little eye: the boot on one of its final days.

– Liza Connor (London Summer Program 2015)

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Images © Liza Connor. All rights reserved.

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