Westminster Abbey organ recital

The Westminster Abbey organ recital scheduled to take place at 5.45 on Sunday 19th June will feature a piece entitled “encircling, unfolding…” composed by London Undergraduate Program professor, David Sutton-Anderson.

Westminster Abbey organ recitals are free, open to the public, and usually last about half an hour. David Sutton Anderson co-teaches a class on Music in London for the LUP.

* Photo by Slices of life, used under Creative Commons, with thanks.

Creaturely Poetics

Maggie Humm, Symposium Panel Chair To mark the publication of Creaturely Poetics: Animality and Vulnerability in Literature and Film (Columbia University Press, 2011), the Centre for Cultural Studies Research (CCSR) at the University of East London, and the University of Notre Dame in London  held a symposium to discuss new developments within the field of animal studies.

The event was co-hosted by Columbia University Press, East London University’s Centre for Cultural Studies Research, and University of Notre Dame London Program.

The symposium panel featured  Erica Fudge (University of Strathclyde), Robert McKay (University of Sheffield),  Maggie Humm (University of East London),  Anat Pick (University of East London), and Simon Glendinning (London School of Economics).

For more information please see the event’s page.

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Global Citizenship Roundtable

Global Player @ alles-schlumpf Final preparations are being made for the Global Citizenship Roundtable to be held at the London Centre on Friday and Saturday.

The event brings together faculty, staff and affiliates from Notre Dame study abroad locations in London, Dublin, Toledo, Athens, Angers, and Rome to discuss theories of Global Citizenship, its varied interpretations in higher education, and  the practical applications on our work with Notre Dame students in Europe and from campus.  Dr Luis Cabrera, Senior Lecturer in Political Theory, University of Birmingham and author of The Practice of Global Citizenship, will give the keynote presentation on Friday.

For more information, please see the event’s page.

Poetry reading & book launch

poster showing book jackets Next week, the University of Notre Dame’s London Centre will welcome Carrie Etter, John Matthias, and Peter Robinson for a poetry reading and book launch, introduced by Tony Frazer.

Tuesday 14 June 2011, 6.00pm – 8.00pm, (reception to follow). For further information, please see the event’s page.

University of Notre Dame students, faculty, staff and alumni are invited to attend; please email london@nd.edu to book your place, with ’14th June Poetry Reading’ in the subject line.

From Tahir to Trafalgar?

On 5th April, 2011, London Undergraduate Program Director, Professor Greg Kucich convened a Program Forum on the topic: “From Tahir to Trafalgar? Protest, Petrol Bombs, Policy”.  The forum was held in response to recent wide-spread protests in London over government spending cuts, as well as the ongoing movements for political reform in the Middle East.

The discussions drew upon the first-hand experience of students who transferred to London from Notre Dame’s Cairo Program, as well as the political and cultural studies expertise of two London Undergraduate Program professors, and resulted in a lively debate, especially as the floor was opened to questions and commentary from the audience of students and faculty.

For more information please see the event’s page.

For more photos of this event, please click through to the gallery:

LUP Forum: “From Tahir to Trafalgar? Protest, Petrol Bombs, Policy”