60 Minutes with Shakespeare

Two Notre Dame faculty members, Professor Peter Holland and Dr Boika Sokolova, are among the 60 scholars who appear on the website of The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust as part of the discussion Who Wrote Shakespeare. The online conference ’60 Minutes with Shakespeare’ offers 60 one-minute answers to questions to do with Shakespeare’s life and work.

Visit: http://60-minutes.bloggingshakespeare.com/, and sign up to find out what they had to say, as well as answers to other questions such as “What does Stephen Fry think about the Shakespeare authorship issue?” and “In what ways are the plays revealing about Shakespeare’s knowledge of theatrical practice?”

Dr Boika Sokolova, teaches our Shakespeare in London class, and the first half of the performance-based class, Playing Shakespeare, before the students go on to develop their performance with Globe Education, in preparation for an end of semester production.

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