Transitioning Back to School

The transition into business school was much easier than I had imagined.  I was anxious about jumping back into an academic environment because I had been in a non-academic field (military) for five years.  I was concerned that I would somehow be behind my peers when it came to picking up subjects like microeconomics, accounting and finance.  I was pleasantly surprised when I showed up because Notre Dame offered a great primer for the first day of class.  Most students took abbreviated accounting and statistics “boot camps” prior to starting class.  It was helpful to be able to attend the week-long courses and learn some basic concepts before being tested in class.  By the time classes began I felt comfortable with each of my four classes (Accounting, Statistics, Business Ethics, Organizational Behavior).  It was a relief to learn that if I put in the effort, each class was certainly manageable.  It was also nice to know that other people were facing similar situations.  Everyone goes through the same transition period and everyone ends up doing just fine in their classes.  Even if I was struggling with a subject, there were always plenty of people who were willing to help out.  Since the class size is so small, you get to know everyone pretty quickly.  As a result, you quickly become comfortable asking for and offering help in the class room.  Since the transition was less painful than I anticipated I had more time to put toward the internship search.  All in all, it just wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be.

Dan Marques
2nd Year Student
Concentrating in Business Leadership and Finance
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