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TriggerTrap – A Kickstarted Idea

If there are two things that I love, it’s my camera and my phone. This project, which first got off the ground with Kickstarter funding, is an innovative way to connect these two things. Your phone acts as a remote for your camera, setting exposure, clicking the shutter, and acting as an timer. It can even be an intervalometer, allowing you to easily create time lapses that let you take, for example, one picture every 30 minutes for 4 hours, creating beautiful sped up slow motion.

It looks like this solution is a software and hardware one. You plug in the phone to a camera with a cord via the headphone jack and the phone “plays sounds” that are interpreted as signals for the camera.

But don’t take my word for it! Check out the link after the jump!

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Adobe Announces New Iteration

Adobe has just announced the next version of it’s flagship line of products, the Adobe Creative Suite, or CS for short.

In San Francisco today, Adobe talked a little bit about what the future holds for the software that designers everywhere know and love.

There are many features, which can be found in a chart in the source link after the jump, but more importantly, Adobe has opted to allow a subscription based model, where any program can be used for $50 a month, a la carte. Buying the entire collection outright would cost $2599. Interestingly, the subscription even includes some things that the Master Collection does not, such as Adobe Lightroom and sync services.

It’ll be interesting to see if Adobe can pull off the subscription model. Personally, I can’t wait for the smart move and remove tools in Photoshop CS6.

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iPhones Turned RAW

RAW is a format widely respected among photographers as offering more flexibility and control over images. Whereas JPEG formatted  images are doctored to increase contrast and saturation to naturally look better and lose unnecessary information to save space, RAW files simply save all of the data that comes out of the camera.

Traditionally, this technology has been available on DSLR’s and some very high end point and shoots and superzooms, but now, a developer has created an app for the iPhone to accomplish the same time.

Theoretically, this would allow budding iPhone photographers to push their colors and draw out more detail from shadows. It’s unclear how well this app works, however. It’s available for $2.99 in the Apple AppStore.

Video in the source link after the jump.

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Lytro Splashes Down

The Lytro “light field” camera has made huge splashes in the camera world recently. It offers a way to capture the “light field”, instead of just the light hitting a standard camera sensor at the time of pressing the shutter button.

It isn’t immediately clear what this means or how this works, but the effect of it is that the camera does not need to be focused. Rather, the camera produces images that can be focused after the fact on any given point. There’s no better explanation than actually seeing it in action, so see the source after the jump and check out what you can do!

One of my friends got to try out a unit and his opinion was that, while a very novel idea, the implementation isn’t quite there yet. Quality isn’t great, and the software to back it up is almost non-existant because it is proprietary. Techcrunch seems to agree.

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Facebook Acquires Instagram

Well well well, what do we have here. One of the world’s fastest growing internet companies, Facebook, has acquired one of the world’s fastest growing photo services, Instagram. The popular service that lets every iPhone and Android user feel like a real photographer has been bought out for a whopping $1 billion.

For internet behemoth Facebook, the move represents a big step, and an important one for their upcoming IPO. This is the first acquisition of Facebook worth nearly this much, and one of the largest in the digital sector, especially for a company that does not make any money or have a concrete business model.

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Hello, World!

Musings About Nothing

mus·ing [myoo-zing]noun – contemplation; reflection.

noth·ing [nuhth-ing]noun – something or someone of no importance or significance

The goal for Musings about Nothing is to talk about things that might have no significance to the general public, but might appeal to a specific group of people interested in photography and technology. It will focus on mostly, well, nothing, and perhaps aim to talk a little bit about the more subtle things behind a big news announcement or financial report release.