Summer Internship Update: Huron Consulting Group

New career, new city, new lifestyle – this summer has introduced quite a bit of “new” in a very short period of time.

As a Summer MBA Associate at the Huron Consulting Group, I’ve been assigned a client project in the Higher Education Consulting group as well as an internal strategy project. The client project involves overhauling one of the largest university research organizations in the world. Due to university research budget cutbacks linked to the financial meltdown, my particular role is helping to realign the strategic direction of the transformation to these new economic realities.

My internal strategy project is evaluating future product opportunities for particular markets. While I can’t divulge too many details, I can say the research and analysis I’m doing is incredibly exciting and will have an immediate impact on the firm’s overall strategy.

If that sounds like a whole lot of work for just ten weeks, it is. As a consultant in training, one of the biggest skills I’ve developed this summer is being able to absorb an absurd amount of information as quickly as possible on an entirely new topic. For those of you considering a career in consulting, developing expertise on a subject quickly is paramount to becoming a successful consultant.

As a matter of fact, a good litmus test for aspiring consultants is gauging whether the concept of jumping blindly into a new challenge scares you or excites you. If you are among the latter, consulting may be the path for you.

While Huron provides world-class training and support services, I still find myself frequently pulling from the knowledge gained in my first year as a Notre Dame MBA. Whether it is Mannor’s strategy diagrams, Bartkus’s customer-value analysis, or Sarv’s statistics workbooks, the lessons learned in my first year as an ND MBA are referenced in my work nearly every day.

One thought on “Summer Internship Update: Huron Consulting Group

  1. Douglas,

    I was perusing through the Internet, looking for information on educational consulting, and I came across your blog post. Coincidentally, I have applied to Notre Dame’s MBA program with the intention of learning more about education consulting and consulting in general.

    Would you mind reaching out to me an answering a few of my questions about your internship?