After Bust in Ireland, Ordinary People Make Do With Less

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Article from the New York times on one family’s adventure through the ups and downs of the Irish economy. Check it out!

Required Reading 4/28

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Please read the following article about poverty during the time of the Celtic Tiger.

Readings for 4-28

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Read pages 49-57

And listen to these three YouTube vidoes


Readings for 4/28

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1. Read this article from The Irish Times.

2. Read over the PDFs (being sent in an email) which contain the biographies of  the Irish comic book character we will discuss in class as well as the introduction (pages 1-4) of an article that discusses ethnicity in comic books. Don’t worry too much about reading all of the information on each character, skimming is totally fine, we will be going over all of that more in depth during class.



Readings for 4/28

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Here are the readings for my presentation on the Irish Art Market:

1.From the Irish Times:

2.From the Irish Fine Art Market News [only read “Irish Art 2010: Summary”, don’t worry about the blurbs about individual dates]:

Butcher Boy on Youtube

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For anyone who was not able to watch Butcher Boy a couple of weeks ago, it is on Youtube in 11 parts. Here is part !.

Required Readings for 4/19/11

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Irish General Elections/General Election 2011:

For class please read these short articles for some background on general elections in Ireland:

1. General Election

2. Dissolution of the Dail

3. Proportional Representation

Also please read the introduction to this wikipedia page on the 2011 general election.




Required Readings For April 21,2011

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Guys here are the required readings for my presentation, “Engineering and the Irish Economy”.

1. This article was written by Notre Dame professor Kevin Whelan, who now directs the staff at Notre Dame’s O’Connell House in Dublin. Dr. Whelan is originally from County Wexford.

2. The second is a paper was written by a taskforce organised by the Irish Academy of Engineering. The paper highlights the importance of Engineering Research to the future success of the Irish economy.

Assigned GAA Readings For April 19

Posted on April 16, 2011 in Required, Sports by Kevin

please read this article about the controversy surrounding rule 42, the rule which banned soccer and rugby from being played in Croke Park

also please read the intro to the Gaelic Athletic Association wikipedia page

Immigrants and Integration in the New Ireland

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There are two required readings for my presentation on Thursday.

This one is a short editorial referencing President Obama’s upcoming visit to Ireland and raising questions about Ireland’s efforts to integrate immigrants into Irish life.

I will email the second reading as an attachment.  It’s a report from the Migration Policy Institute giving a general overview of migration patterns in Ireland in recent years.