Reading03: Work-Life Balance

In terms of work-life balance, I believe that there is a lot that companies can and should do to promote a healthy work-life balance for their employees.  Companies can encourage employees to leave work without working upwards of 70+ hour weeks or can offer more employee benefits such as more days off or company events for the employees to socialize. Companies can also try and discourage the idea that “facetime” will allow for upward movement within the company and instead try to promote an environment where good work will be the sole consideration when promoting employees.  “Facetime” will lead to employees staying at work longer than they would need to simply to give off the impression that they are working long, arduous hours, instead of being as productive as possible when they are at work.  It is my firm belief that if employees have a healthy work-life balance then they will be more productive when they are at work and will also be more inclined to take a second or third job with the company instead of trying to look for other work.  For this reason, I believe it is in the company’s best interest to promote a healthy work-life balance for their employees and they are ethically obliged to do so.  Promoting work-life balance for employees will lead to employees being happy with their life and their work.  Trying to promote happiness for others is always what is ethically right to do and companies should be no different.  Working their employees into the ground is not right and companies should not try to do that as their employees will quickly burn out and not produce the quality of work they would if they had a healthy work-life balance.  The company that I interned with this past summer wholeheartedly believed that a work-life balance is extremely important for their employees and pushes their employees to leave at 40 hours a week and to only work overtime if they absolutely needed it to finish work on a deadline.  While work-life balance is not the only or most important thing I looked at when looking at jobs or my career, I do believe that work-life balance should not be overlooked.  In the long run it will lead to more productivity and a healthier, better life for me, so, while I will not place it at the top of my wishlist for a job, I definitely will be looking at it going forward when considering different offers.  I believe that there are different ways to try and maintain a healthy work-life balance.  For example, doing things on the weekend that are of interest to you is one way that is easy.  I am a big sports fan, so attending sports games on the weekend is an easy way for me to promote a healthy work-life balance.  Also, doing little things throughout the week such as going out to dinner or meeting up with friends is an easy way to make it seem like the workweek is not entirely work.  These are some easy, simple ways to try and be able to promote a healthy work-life balance and companies should try and make this way of life accessible to all employees.