Contents of the Standards


Application of These Standards

Substantive changes to 8th Edition

The Newborn Intensive Care Unit


Delivery Room Standard

Newborn ICU Standards

  1. Unit Configuration
  2. Location within the Hospital
  3. Family Entry and Reception Entry
  4. Safety/Infant Security
  5. Minimum Space, Clearance, and Privacy Requirements for the Infant Space
  6. Single Family Room Space
  7. Airborne Infection Isolation Area
  8. Operating Rooms Intended for Use by Newborn ICU Patients
  9. Electrical, Gas Supply and Mechanical
  10. Ambient Temperature and Ventilation
  11. Handwashing
  12. General Support Space
  13. Staff Support Space
  14. Support Space for Ancillary Services
  15. Administrative Space
  16. Family Support Space
  17. Family Transition Room(s)
  18. Ceiling Finishes
  19. Wall Surfaces
  20. Floor Spaces
  21. Furnishings
  22. Ambient Lighting in Infant Care Area
  23. Procedure Lighting in Infant Care Area
  24. Illumination of Support Areas
  25. Daylighting
  26. Access to Nature and other Positive Distractions
  27. Acoustic Environment