The End of the Conservative/Liberal Divide?

Church Life, Winter 2012 issue contributor Elizabeth Scalia (a.k.a. “The Anchoress” provides a brilliant and “evangelical” (in the Catholic sense) analysis of Obama’s recent decision regarding the conscience clause.  A brief excerpt to whet the appetite.

Just as importantly, the laity—divided for decades on issues ranging from felt-banners to dress to dogma—has found a line in the sand upon which they can come together; “conservative” Catholics are reassured to see their more “progressive” brethren defending the church’s right to be who and what she is; more “progressive” Catholics may be coming to realize that—as relentlessly single-minded as some of their opponents could be—had they not held the line all these years, much could be crumbling at this moment.

Now is the time for all good Catholics to come to the aid of providers—the schools, hospitals, charities, and soup kitchens who serve communities in need without asking affiliations. And, in coming together, perhaps now is the time to ponder their long-held presumptions, each about the other, and broaden our own outreach as well.

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