Videos from Liturgy Symposium 2013

Tim O'MalleyWe’re happy to make available to our readers videos from our Liturgy Symposium 2013.   Stay tuned on Monday for a formal announcement regarding the Liturgy Symposium 2014.

Kimberly Belcher, Into the Name:  Baptism and the Trinitarian Life

Kimberly Belcher, Infant Baptism:  Crumbs from the Children’s Table

Maxwell Johnson, Images of Baptism (Part 1)

Maxwell Johnson, Images of Baptism (Part 2)

Nicholas Denysenko, Chrismation:  Eastern and Western Approaches 

Hosffman Ospino, Initiation, Culture, and Evangelization

Andrew Casad, R.C.I.A.:  Birthing the Children of God

Robin Jensen, Baptismal Imagery in Art and Architecture

Leonard DeLorenzo, Across the Silent Horizon:   The Communion of Saints

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  1. Thanks you for sharing these. What a rich feast! It will be hard for me not to come in person to 2014!

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