What We’re Reading Today: Death of God, Immigrants, and taking your kids to church

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1) Bishop-Elect Robert Barron’s take on the hidden-camera videos of Planned Parenthood:

What makes this sort of startling violence against human beings possible, I would submit, is the attenuation of our sense of God’s existence. In the classical Western perspective, the dignity of the human person is a consequence and function of his or her status as a creature of God. Precisely because the human being is made in the image and likeness of the Creator and destined, finally, for eternal life on high with God, he is a subject of inalienable rights.

2) Peter J. Leithart on the nation, the Church and immigration:

The fact that immigrants aren’t white or American doesn’t matter; questions about American citizenship are secondary. Christian immigrants—and there are many—are brothers and sisters; non-Christians are a mission field, conveniently dropped on our doorstep. What’s not to like? If America is ethnically diverse, so much the better, because so much the more does it resemble that final kingdom assembled from all tribes, tongues, nations, and peoples.

4727537308_212d8bb7041-202x3003) Struggle to take your young children to Mass? Here are some tips from Becky Roach:

[…] Is your goal to have well behaved kids or those that love Christ? We aren’t just training our kids to be able to sit quiet and still for an hour. That shouldn’t be our goal. Our real goal is to cultivate a love for God, His Son, and His Church.

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