Pope Francis Does the Big Apple

Samuel Bellafiore
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Dunwoodie Seminary
Seminarian, Diocese of Albany, NY

Last night my fellow seminarians and I had the huge privilege of praying Evening Prayer with Pope Francis at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in NYC. A few highlights.



2015-09-24 13.37.31

Penguins boarded the NYC Subway system.

2015-09-24 14.30.17

To see and evaluate things from God’s perspective calls for constant conversion in the first days and years of our vocation and, need I say, great humility. The cross shows us a different way of measuring success.
Homily from St. Patrick’s Cathedral

2015-09-24 16.30.48-min

Around 2500 people gathered for Evening Prayer.

2015-09-24 16.38.38-min


2015-09-24 16.54.06-min

Crowds on 5th Avenue awaited Pope Francis.

2015-09-24 19.26.39

Papa arrives!

2015-09-24 18.15.03-min

…I would like to express my esteem and gratitude to the religious women of the United States. What would the Church be without you? Women of strength, fighters, with that spirit of courage which puts you in the front lines in the proclamation of the Gospel. To you, religious women, sisters and mothers of this people, I wish to say “thank you”, a big thank you…and to tell you that I love you very much.

2015-09-24 18.34.52-min


The joy of men and women who love God attracts others to him.

2015-09-24 18.37.27-min

A grateful heart is spontaneously impelled to serve the Lord and to find expression in a life of commitment to our work. Once we come to realize how much God has given us, a life of self-sacrifice, of working for him and for others, becomes a privileged way of responding to his great love.


2015-09-24 18.42.29-min

The Pope delivered his homily in Spanish while screens across the Cathedral displayed translations. He began with unscripted condolences to the Muslim community regarding yesterday’s Mecca tragedy.

2015-09-24 19.34.42-min


2015-09-24 19.35.16-min


2015-09-24 21.49.20-min

Tired seminarians brace for a long Friday. (Relatively long…we’re not addressing the U.N. in the morning.) We’ll be Eucharistic ministers and servers at tonight’s papal Mass in Madison Square Garden!

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