David Behrman with Notre Dame’s Chief Academic Digital Officer, Elliott Visconsi.

On August 15, President of Behrman House Publishing, David Behrman, visited the Notre Dame campus to lead a team building workshop with the Office of Digital Learning team. Organized by Notre Dame’s Chief Academic Digital Officer, Elliott Visconsi, the workshop was attended by staff from the ODL, Teaching and Learning Technologies, and the Kaneb Centre.

Behrman House, a leading publisher of quality Judaic textbooks and supplementary materials for the classroom was founded in 1921. Over the past decade, the business has shifted from an exclusive print publisher into one that offers a variety of digital lesson plans and other online learning materials. Today, Behrman’s online learning center partners with 300 Jewish religious schools in the United States and Canada. The digital lesson plans include Hebrew language courses, but also exploring themes of personal character, heritage and values that are central to Jewish identity, as well as topics like history, religion, art and life in modern Israel.


Group Photo ODL workshop

David Behrman with attendees at the Office of Digital Learning team building workshop.

In his talk, Behrman drew on his expertise as President of Behrman House to make recommendations on how to build an effective and efficient Office of Digital Learning in Notre Dame. With a strong focus on deliverables, accountability, and responsibility, Behrman’s model is designed to “help organizations deliver what they want to deliver organically”.  Attendees had the opportunity to discuss how Behrman’s model could be incorporated to increase productivity within the ODL. The workshop was the first of series of events geared towards solidifying the partnerships among the personnel involved in Notre Dame’s online course production.



The workshop was part of the ODL’s commitment to ensuring excellence in the production and delivery of online learning materials.