Photos of elementary students using iPads at school to do amazing projects. A lot of conversation has started since the explosion of technology. Is it good? Is it bad? Is it just a trend, or is it here to stay? One of the more recent conversations is whether or not technology should play a role in education, and if so, how.

I recently read an Huffington Post blog article, “Blended Learning (Pt. 1): Changing the Face of Education“, that discusses blended learning in public schools. The idea is that students have a mixture of face-to-face and digital lessons in an adult-supervised environment.

Now I will admit, I’m a bit of an old soul and have always been leery about adolescents spending too much time in front of a screen (myself included). However, as I continue to read more onthe proven analytics of incorporating technology into the learning design behind a class, I’m beginning to see how much students truly benefit.

For example, the post states:

“Schools around the nation are reporting improved performance outcomes — especially in low-income districts where kids have struggled, such as two California schools. The top score on that state’s academic performance index (API) is 1,000; 800 is the target score. Two years after implementing blended learning, a Los Angeles school got a 991 on the API and, shortly after, a neighboring school’s score jumped to 978.”

I mean, wow! Facilitators also found that students are more willing to listen to a lecture while at home or even complete their homework while riding in the car. This is most likely due to convenience and the students’ interests in technology.

In 2008, the “The ECAR Study of Undergraduate Students and Information Technology” found that 80.5% of student participants owned a computer, and of those living on campus, 90.8% owned one. That was 7 years ago, so I can only imagine the percentages are nearly 100% by now.

So let’s stop and think about this. Education is incredibly important…Adolescents are drawn (and quite possibly addicted) to technology…The majority of students own a computer…Are you thinking what I’m thinking?