Linguistics Love

Hi, everybody!

This is my first blog post ever, and I don’t really know what to write down.  Yesterday, as I was sitting in my Intro to Linguistics class with Professor Kang, I was mulling over all of the languages and countries and cultures in our world, and I wanted it all.  Yes, I want to learn all the languages and visit all the countries and do all the things.  Sadly, this is hardly plausible, but I’m going to do the best that I can.

Anyway, I realized that my mind was full of wistfulness; wistfulness to travel and to share my love of learning linguistics.  I started thinking how helpful it would be to place all of my thoughts as written words.  Starting a blog has been an idea I’ve been playing with for a bit, ever since having come across a great blog called From Alaska to Kosovo, a blog centered on Peace Corps service in Kosovo.  For me, having this blog will mean getting to write down my thoughts and excitement over languages, dialects, and TESOL (Teaching English to Students of Other Languages, one of my minors from the University of Notre Dame).

I’m excited for the journey, and I hope that for you dear readers reading this now, you all are, too.


Olivia Wright