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Commencement: 2011

Senior last visit to the Grotto

The Last Visit

The senior class makes their last visit to the Grotto, a longstanding Notre Dame tradition.

Celebrants enter the Purcell Pavilion for the 2011 Commencement Mass

Commencement Mass

Celebrants enter the Purcell Pavilion for the commencement mass.


Rev. John I. Jenkins, C.S.C., president of the University of Notre Dame blesses a flag which will fly over campus in an annual Commencement Mass tradition

Old Glory

So here’s a tradition of which your humble narrator was unaware. This is the blessing of the Flag which will fly over campus for the rest of the year.


A student salutes former Notre Dame head football coach Lou Holtz as the University awarded Holtz an honorary degree


A graduating senior salutes former Notre Dame head coach and ESPN analyst Lou Holtz as he is presented with an honorary degree.


ESPN analyst and former Notre Dame Fighting Irish Football coach Lou Holtz receives an honorary degree

Lou Holtz

The National Championship head coach becomes a degree holder of the University of Notre Dame.


Commencement 2011 in Notre Dame Stadium

Commencement in the Stadium

For the second straight year, the Commencement ceremony was held inside Notre Dame Stadium where the seating is plentiful and the weather is always partly cloudy and 65.


Thomas Burish, provost of the University of Notre Dame speaks at the 2011 Commencement ceremony

The Provost

University Provost Thomas Burish addresses the graduates.


College of Science Grads at Commencement


Graduates celebrate the conferral of their degrees.


Faculty stand for the 2011 College of Arts & Letters Commencement ceremony

ND Faculty at the Commencement Mass

In keeping with ancient tradition, faculty attend Commencement events wearing the academic robes of their degree-granting institution.


Former Notre Dame Fighting Irish football player Robert Hughes receives his degree


Senior Football tailback Robert Hughes is presented with his degree.


Graduates celebrate in front of Hesburgh Library


9. Straight Into Compton

Our intrepid hero ventured inside the still under construction Compton Center recently. The arena will finally provide the long-promised permanent home for ND’s hockey team. From the delightfully user-friendly und.com:

The state-of-the-art, 5,000-seat arena, was made possible by a generous lead gift from Kevin and Gayla Compton, who also own the San Jose Sharks of the NHL. The Compton Family Center, scheduled to open its doors in October 2011, will include offices, a locker room and weight and cardio training facilities for the Notre Dame hockey program. (Source)

Among other things, the center features a barrel-vaulted roof and facade that I suspect was heavily influenced by the design of the old Fieldhouse which was constructed in 1898 and finally torn down in the early eighties (i think) to make way for what students now call “Stonehenge.” No one has confirmed the architectural inspiration for me, that’s just my guess.

inside the new hockey arena under contruction

Construction personnel inside the new hockey arena

The new Hockey Arena under construction

This is the east facade of the arena. Drivers approaching campus from Mishawaka on Edison Road would be presented with this segment of the building. I have to assume that this will look spectacular when lit up during games at night, and those giant windows are just screaming for big-ass banners*.

*This is a technical term that roughly means “large”

7. The Marriage of Figaro

Our man on the scene (with camera) was on the spot at the DeBartolo Performing Arts Center for a recent performance of the Marriage of Figaro.

Opera on Stage at Notre Dame

The Decio Mainstage Theater plays host to a performance of The Marriage of Figaro. The Decio is one of the performance spaces in the DeBartolo Performing Arts Center on campus.

A performer in the opera The Marriage of Figaro.

5. Let’s Hear it for Food Services

A great illustration of the sheer scale of some of the logistical challenges at Notre Dame. This is a stack of boxed lunches for students and parents during Freshman Orientation last fall. As you can see, the lunches stack up 12-15 high, three deep and stretch basically the whole length of Heritage Hall in the Joyce Center. Impressive.

Boxed Lunches in the JACC

2. “…a tradition unlike any other…”

(Augusta is not the only place where they wear the green jacket).

The Leprechaun and the ND Pep Band (2011)

I was flipping through Matt’s Winter Sports Gallery the other day and I thought it was cool how much this picture of the leprechaun with the pep band reminded me of the image of the leprechaun signing autographs at last year’s Blue and Gold Game.

Leprechaun with the Hoops Band

Signing Autographs at the Blue and Gold Game

Leprechaun Autographs