December 2 Meeting

The next meeting of the Pre-Departure Orientation Forum will be held on Dec. 2 at 2:00pm in the conference room of 105 Main Building.   Please register below if you plan to attend.

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Due to limited seating in the conference room and with the intent of making discussion and decision making more feasible, we would ask that only one representative from each interested campus unit attends this and all future meetings.  Thank you for your understanding.

Meeting Agenda

Review Content Suggestions: We will need to spend a portion of our time reviewing and discussing the compilation of content suggestions (see attached) with the intent of identifying the most pressing, relevant and feasible foci as well as likely campus contributors. To help us ensure the validity of these selections, I will also be inviting three representative summer study abroad student returnees to join this meeting and discussion.  I suspect that they will be particularly helpful in identifying some of the most urgent issues.
Discuss Orientation Format: I would also like to take some time during this meeting to begin addressing the fundamental issues of format during this meeting.  Whenwhere and how many/long will serve as the key interrogatives for most of these.  I don’t anticipate that we will finalize anything terribly specific, but I would like to develop consensus on a general outline so that preliminary arrangements can be made by semester’s end.

Identify Risk Management Questions: Finally, I would also like to use this meeting to focus our collective attention on the overarching issue of concern for many of you: Risk Management / Safety & Security.  While I have already liaisoned with the Office of Risk Management and General Counsel following our last meeting — inviting them to join us at some future date — I believe that the most efficacious and prudent way to approach these ‘sticky’ issues is to begin by articulating specifically what we want to know.  That is, I would like to get a comprehensive list of questions [themes] that we would like Risk Management and General Counsel to answer for us before we invite them to meet and speak to these points directly.  This process will also help us decide how to approach some of these issues — in whole or part — as they relate to format.