January 31 Meeting

Our next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, January 31 at 4:00pm in 105 Main Building.  Please indicate if you plan to attend as the representative for your office, department or program.

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Due to limited seating in the conference room and with the intent of making discussion and decision making more feasible, we would ask that only one representative from each interested campus unit attends this and all future meetings.  Thank you for your understanding.

Meeting Agenda

The agenda for this meeting will include:

1) Discussion of risk management guidelines with the director of the ND Office of Risk Management, Bob Zerr

2) Discussion of the call for proposals and conference logistics

3) Review of pre-departure conference content and format changes made during the Dec. 2 meeting.

Minutes & Materials from Dec. 2 Meeting

On Dec. 2, the pre-departure working group met to discuss the format and content for the pre-departure orientation.  Three documents were presented to the group: 1) A synthesized compilation of suggestions for pre-departure content that was generated from the Oct. 28 meeting; 2) An example schedule and format for the pre-departure orientation conference based on a similar initiative at UNC Chapel Hill; and 3) A series of discussion prompts regarding risk management issues that had been raised during the previous meeting.  (see the Dec. 2 Page for original materials)

The group examined these documents and made a number of suggestions for revision and addition.  Based on this feedback, the pre-departure content document was revised to reflect a smaller number of topics (8) with a broader scope for presentation.  This new version of the document is available below:

Synthesized Suggestions for Conference Content [Revised in Meeting]

The group also examined and suggested a number of changes to the proposed format for a conference-style orientation based on the UNC-Chapel Hill example that was presented during the previous meeting.  Incorporating this feedback, the number of concurrent sessions was increased and the format was changed to lessen large-group discussion in favor of a greater number of small group sessions.  The group also indicated that a number of sessions should remain open for relevant faculty/staff to propose content foci of their own.  It was agreed that this approach would help diversify the orientation content in order to address both generic and niche program interests among student participants.  The revised conference format and schedule is provided below:

Pre-Departure Orientation Conference Format [Revised in Meeting]

Due to time constraints, the planned discussion on risk management was deferred to the next meeting.  In order to facilitate this process and our upcoming discussion with the Director of Risk Management, I would like to invite all interested individuals to submit their feedback via this brief online form:

Submit Risk Management Questions

I will compile these responses and share them with Bob Zerr in advance of our Jan. 31 meeting.


One thought on “January 31 Meeting

  1. Thank you for a great meeting! The Nanovic is planning on requiring Orientation attendance for all of our summer grant recipients. We would greatly appreciate a video of the orientation so that I can offer students who may need to miss the April 29 session the chance to view the orientation in our lounge and ask me any questions they may have.

    An issue has already come up for us at the Nanovic that may apply to other units as well: We have summer grant applicants who are overseas right now, and so won’t be on campus to attend an orientation. Being overseas is an orientation in and of itself, but if our goal is 100% compliance, I thought I’d present a category of students who will need to be exempt from our requirements!

    Jen Fulton