Midweek Update 2/3: Election Week!

Greetings, Progressivites!

Before getting into the news, I feel it is important to remind everyone that today is the day to vote for next year’s student government representatives. As most of us have invested a lot into the Notre Dame community and have a deep interest in its affairs, I implore that all of you take a few moments out of your day not just to vote for the candidates, but to read about their platforms and make informed decisions. Regardless of who you select, Making informed voting into a habit will truly help you develop into excellent students and citizens.

On the economic front, the BBC reports that pharmacy supergiant CVS plans to halt sales of cigarettes and other tobacco-like products, citing a conflict with the company’s health care mission as the justification behind pulling a very profitable product. In other news, Washington lawmakers are currently attempting to make the Evergreen State an innovator in terms of employee benefits, with legislation proposed that would require Washington businesses to provide their employees with paid vacation time. Washington tends to the left with its policy making, and this proposed legislation is seeing a great deal of support from Washington residents as well as political interest groups.

Environmental tragedy has stricken the rivers of Greensborough, North Carolina as a retired Duke energy plant has spilled 50,000 to 82,000 tons of coal and ash into the Dan River. Though coal ash contains highly toxic substances, early water tests have suggested that no lasting damage has been done; cleanup endeavors are already underway in the Dan River and its surrounding tributaries.

Reporting from Washington, CNN interviewed Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, who cited “irresolvable conflict” between the senate and the house when he predicted the legislation’s failure to pass any immigration reform in 2014. Tensions between the two parties continue to swell, with neither side appearing to gain any ground on this hot button issue.

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Regards, and don’t forget to vote!

Brett O’Connell

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